Saturday, January 5, 2008

Writing School...

My brain is whirling at the moment. I have set goals to continue writing through out the year. Yet I am the mother of six and a home. My free time is scattered and writing time is rare.

I discussed this with Shanna one of my writing friends back in November. I wish there was just a writing school. Where my day was structured and I had to do my assignments because I was recieving a grade of sorts. (I guess publishing is the final grade right?) You see I work very well with structure just not deadlines. :)

My ideal would be 3-4 hrs writing, 1 hr editing, 1 hr research if needed, 1 hr publishing persual, and a cosy lunch with my writer friends for support. (of course blogs and web surfing would be my homework.)

It could work. I could go to writers school half time on days I needed to, and call in sick too.

Soooo.... How about it? Any one up to going to school with me? What is your ideal of a Writers School?


Linda Adams said...

Hiya to a "mother of six and a home!" ...I hope it was an apartment when you gave birth; birthing an entire home at once... whoo. ;) That'll need a double-epidural. You have my utmost respect.

Writing School would be so great. I have six children at home too. So I totally understand! I do well with school schedules, especially in college, where you could wear the same outfit two days in a row and no one would ever know! Now, my kids are old enough to notice. And two Fashion Queens in the mix.

Meanwhile I'm hoping Tristi's BIAM Challenge will work like school for me and get the pistons firing again. Good luck to you!

Weston Elliott said...

Just out of curiosity, if someone actually set up a Writing School - would you actually sign up for it? I'm thinking an online "school" might really be helpful! If we could get together and figure out a "curriculum", maybe we could make it a reality. Who knows, we might become famous for it!

~paulette said...

silly chelle. Do you realize that your "half time" writing school consisted of 7 hours a day, according to your desired numbers? and that wasn't including your self-given homework. Dang... i'd hate to see what your "full-time" curriculum included.