Saturday, January 26, 2008

My life in a desktop or.... divine intervention

MY lap top is dying. The fan isn't working and it not only sounds horrible but it is soooo slow. So I am relegated to the desk top once again, Sigh! The lap top is much easier. So as I put it away I was bemoaning the loss of my personal computer. We could replace it but after taxes, so I would have to wait.

Later that night my bilogocial mom called saying that her father was in the hospital and not expected to live through the night. After we talked about her father I asked her for my half brothers cell # he is a Dell tech. I asked him about the fan and found out that it is apart of the motherboard and not easily replacable or cheap. He told me of a special on where I could get a loaded lap top for a small price. So my DEAR husband ordered one for me! I am so happy it should be here in 3-5 days!

You never know when God is going to intervene in your life and in what form.

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