Monday, January 21, 2008

The adventure continues.

Tonight I took two of my children to the post office and then to the store. My Ds had birthday money to spend. While I went in to the post office I noticed what looked like a small white dog on the dash of a car with the interior light on and the engine running. My children noticed it also. As I came back to my car the kids asked me what it was because with further cinsideration it appeared to be the white hair of an elderly woman. I stood there and watched the car for a minute. Sure enough it was an elderly woman. She was slumped against the dash of her car. At this point in time I began to panic so I jumped into my car and drove to the gas station across the street and went inside and called 911. After the call I pulled just up the street from the post office and watched the car while I waited for the Sheriffs dept. to come. It seemed to take forever. After the police were there I left I didn't want to be in the way, but I wonder if she's all right. She appeared alive as the sheriff's attended her so I am somewhat relieved. Whew!

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