Sunday, January 27, 2008

Okay I screwed up...

I have been posting for a while now about the process that I am taking to go from a writer to a published author. In that process I have had alot of help and as Mike/muta has reminded me I havnt thanked any of you so here goes.

Thank you goes to:

Mike Muta for reading it and giving a guys perspective.
Janice LeFevre reader, crit.
Cathy Witbeck reader
Connie S Hall reader
Gary Hansen for my magic sentence nudge.
Those at AI who put up with stupid questions.
Those on Hatrack who did too.
Clarissa and her hubby for a punct edit and another guys perspective.
Marilyn for an enthusiastic reader and bended ear. (And for rooting for Mathilde)
Kellie Shepherd for being my FIRST reader and my techie consult.
Weston Elliot for my line and content edit and for being honest and nice at the same time. (SCRaWL)
Shanna Blythe for grammar help and content edit and the honest and nice comments and discussions. "
Jewell Punzallan reader and comments. "
Karen, Shari, and other SCRaWL members for tollerating my madness. (and friendship)
James Dashner who nudged me to submit it.
Tristi Pinkston who gave me a crit,and two BIAM challenges.
All those who have read my blog and comented.
For my family and Shannon who has led me to my first real submit.
My hubby who in his own round about way has supported me and has warmed up to the idea that my dream might actually come to life.
My boys who tollerate hours at the computer.
My daughter who has read everything and is my personal cheerleader.

And Paulette, my best friend and sister. Without who I would NEVER let anyone see my MS let alone give me any advise. And who through good and bad has stayed by my side, who had allowed me and Noble a place in her heart.


Much Love, Michelle


Muta said...

Bravo!! (clap clap clap) Speach speach!!! (wistle wistle)

In Loving memory of President Gordon B. Hinkly. His has passed beyond the vail but his teachings have not. :) Sorry if I'm ever a jerk. I try not to be. I will try harder :)


~paulette said...

wow... you've collected quite the list of readers. Very cool :)

love you too, sis
laters KISSES

Anonymous said...

You're more than welcome! I'm just glad you didn't throw me out and sic the dogs on me after my critique!