Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Apostrophe!

Okay it was an epithany but I like the mispronounciation. (inside writers joke?) I was sitting in my sons 5th grade class room last night for parent teacher conference. We had finished talking about my son and I felt the prompting to ask them about my grammar problems. At least where to go or look for help. She was exited and gave me a worksheet and told me to come back for more next week. They have tapes and worksheets to go alog with them. I was inspired! I know it! So instead of looking for some high school teacher that I don't know and would probably feel intimidated by. I have my sons gentle and sweet teacher for help. It has really paid off for me to learn to stick my neck out a bit.

I am, sort of, going back to school and I am excited.

I wish my 15yo DS would understand the privlidge of having a "free" education. I wish I could do it again and commit to memory the rules and work hard to become a good writer back then.


Anonymous said...

THAT is so cool! See, the Lord works in mysterious ways - even when it's grammar!

Marilyn said...

Way cool Michelle. Awesome! I hope it helps!

Candace E. Salima said...

I often wish I could go back and understand how important my education was. I didn't get that until I was in college. Way to go, Michelle. I'm proud of you for asking.

My motto has always been, "Ask, the worst they can say is no." And then you're no worse off than you were the second before you asked.

Shanna Blythe said...

I actually think having a grade-school teacher would be better than a high-school teacher just because of the way things are taught differently.

You should start posting the grammatical stuff you are learning to help all of us!!