Friday, February 29, 2008

Best Friends Forever

*Warning, I have been up since 3:44*

I saw a post on another blog and it ispired me. What blog? you ask... I don't remember.

Her blog was on best friends. I have had plenty of them in my lifetime and everyone of them still means a TON to me. But alas times change we move or they move or we change ourselves. At that time we move on with fond memories in our hearts. Then there are best friends forever or kindred spirits. Ones that twenty years after you first meet you still think about talk to and laugh and cry with.

I am very lucky, I have a kindred spirit, God sent her to me to assist me through the most dificult time I have ever experienced in my life. And for that,I am extreemely grateful. She is ten years younger than I and in some ways a polar opposite of me, but she is still my BFF.

Her name is Paulette and her blog is at,

go see her say hi for me.... She is a writer as I am, and we met at church. I had a feeling that I should share the fact that I had finished another rough draft and was pretty proud of it. I said so in the "Good news minute". She approached me after church that day saying she was interested in writing and she'd love to come over and talk writing. I was of course excited, some one else that wrote wow! I thought.

So a few months later (we are both very shy) she finally comes over to my house and I show her my (horrible) first drafts (i am much better at writing now) and we talked writing. Now mind you she said she was interested in writing and she hadnt started anything but she was just thinking about it. Finally after a few months of getting to know her she admitted to me that she was allready writing and had written some 1,000 pages of a Trillogy. She LIED to me but I soon forgave her and it was the start of a beautifull friendship.

We now live in completely diferent places she in AZ me in central UT. But it hasnt changed our friendship. She is my best friend and adopted sister. I love her as if she was blood. We are true kindred spirits, Anne Shirely would be proud.

So... to my BFF LOVE YOU!!!!!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Word 2007

Okay I got my new laptop but it didn’t come with Microsoft Office. So I downloaded one of those free programs off the internet. I’m sorry to those of you that like it, my DH loves his, but I hated it. As a writer I use my word program all day every day. It didn’t work like I needed it to and every attachment I sent to someone they couldn’t open it. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to deal with. So… Saturday we went car shopping in Provo, don’t ask, we still have only one car it was miserable but that is another story. And at the end of the day we stopped at Sam’s Club to grab some bulk food. And I talked my Dh into getting Office for me. I installed it last night and played around with it last night I am excited, it is so cool. Whoo hoo!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I won an award.

Not just a blog award, (Sorry that sounds really bad.... I love blogger awards too BLUSH!!!!) but an actual story writing contest award. I took third place in the DragonCommet short story contest for the LTUE conference I missed. I am so psyched!!!!! I worked so hard on that story. Here is the official email.

DragonComet/Odyssey Winners:

Adult Story:
First Place: Suzanne Vincent, Reluctant Prophet
Second Place: Kenneth D. Lee, Afterlife
Third Place: C. Michelle Jefferies, Broken

9-12th Grade Student Story:
First Place: Ashley Nuccitelli,
Second Place: Lindsey Maxon, Miss Minerva Clark

5-8th Grade Student Story:
First Place: Laurel Jefferies, Storm Master
Second Place: Mariah Smith, Genie?
Third Place: Reece Paghe, Rownik and Dingo go to the Future
Honorable Mention: Michael Fisk, The Secret of Brighton Ski Resort
Honorable Mention: Olivia Hoddy, The Journey to the Castle

Yeah that is my daughter I am so proud of her! First place!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

little miracles

Today has been a day of reflection. While I have bemoaned a little the fact that I am not going to the confrence I have looked forward to for over a year. It is easily overwhelmed by the realization that there were some very obvious miracles in the hours surrounding the rollover.

First is the obvious fact that the three of us are alive. If you look at the picture below, you may notice that the roof of the truck colapsed within 2" of the tops of my kids car seats. The three windows around them burst and the two of them (my kids) only suffered minor cuts. Add to that the buckets in the seat next to them and the random bags and luggage flying through the air and out the broken window and I'm thinking miracle.

Just ten minutes before the accident I reminded my 4 yo to put his shoulder straps on and buckle the chest clip, he did so willinglly with no argument. My silver cell phone didnt fly out the window and get lost in all the white snow. The cell phone (with no bars) worked just long enough for me to call 911 and tell them what happened and where I was. My lap top which was thrown out the window still works. My digital camera still works too. The glass bottles of really expesive supplements in my suitcase which was thrown out the window were not broken. The full insurance coverage we meant to cancel since the truck was paid off was never cancled.

For someone who has struggled with my faith on and off, the few hours around the rollover has convinced me that there is some one up there looking out for me. That regardless of my thoughts for my future He has somethimg in His plans for me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

We shouldnt have walked away...

Well I never made it to the conference. I hit some ice on the way there and slid off the road and rolled down the hill rolling the truck three times and totaling it. Thankfully me and my two little ones are fine, a few cuts brusises and aches but we walked away from the accident.

Thank heavens the kids were in thier car seats and I was wearing my seatbelt. This was obviously a miracle from God. We shouldn't have made it out alive. The roof of the truck was crushed within 2 inches of my babys head. There were little miracles aparent in the hours before and after th accident bit I'm on pain Meds and am not very coherent. I'll post them later when i'm not so fuzzy.

I will NEVER not wear my seatbelt again!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


has a way of sneaking up on you. This Thursday I am going to Life the Universe and Everything a scifi/fantasy writers conference at BYU. I am totally excited but panicked, I have so much to do before Thursday morning. I have to get my house cleaned, laundry caught up, kids ready for me to be gone, pack, and get my car cleaned up so I can trade with my hubby. So what am I doing on the computer???? I am resting, it is Sunday and tomorrow, Tues., and Wed. will be hectic. So... if I don't see any of you before then Adieu until next Sunday.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey.

A day that I hold dear in my memories.

Congratulations to Paulette for winning the 100th post drawing. Thanks to all of you for entering.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Post no. 100!!!!!!!!

For weeks I have been thinking of what to post for my 100th blog. Now that it is here I have no clue. I just read one where she wrote 100 things about herself. WOW! I don't think I could do that. My memory of my childhood is fuzzy at best. Especially 100 things. So here I sit and suffer from writers block on the most impotrant blog to date. :) It is okay I'll survive this but I'm sure there will be embarassment. I could go take a shower and hope that Noble would speak up. I could surf others blogs and hope for inspiration, but I usually come up with my own ideas.

I wont tell you how long I sat and stared at the screen before I began to type again. OKAY HERE GOES:

Ten questions, each worth 10 points. (10 x 10 = 100) post your answers in the comments and I'll put names in a "hat" and the winner will get a valentines present.

1)What are you wearing right now?

2)When is your anniversary?

3)When is your birthday? (no year required)

4)Name one unique thing in your bag or purse?

5)What should you be doing right now?

6)Favorite color?

7)Night owl or early bird?

8)Favorite ice cream?


10)Do you belive in Faeries?

Okay, post your answers and on Thursday (my anniversary) I'll draw one lucky persons name and send them a gift!

Whoo hoo!


Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am officially wireless. I was at wally world and my intention was to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard. I couldn't find the combination sets so I settled for a wireless mouse. I was a little disappointed because I wanted a keyboard too. A few minutes later I found the combo sets and the set was only $5.00 more than the mouse alone. I also got a new USB for my comp seeing that my old one will not save anything, and my back up one disappeared. So I am now set up on my lap top.

LTUE the conference is in two weeks and I am so excited, My friend Karen and I will be sharing a room at a nearby hotel and will be attending all three days. YES!!!!! it is going to be so much fun! There are so many classes that I want to go to. I'll have to give you all the full lowdown when I get home.

1 more post!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

My black thumb.

I am horrible with plants, I have a few that somehow I have managed to keep alive. (My peace lilly tells me when to water every plant.) I found a little huricane vase with a hyacinth bulb in it. I got it, watered it and placed it in my window sill. It started to grow and open, it was actually going to bloom and someone overwatered it and killed it. :(

So much for my adventure with bulbs. My Dh is much better with plants than I am.

2 more posts!!!!!!!


I just finished reading a book by a LDS author. I was sucked into the book, the plot was good, the characters were well rounded the dialogue and sub plots were well done. I had a hard time putting it down. The author painted a well defined picture in my head. Then I got to the last few pages and the author dropped me on the head. The last scene which should have in my opinion been much longer was just a few pages and it ended with very little information. It was very inconsistent with the rest of the book. I closed the book and put it down with a sour taste in my mouth.

I wonder what happened... was that the way they wanted it? Did the editor change it? Did the author get tired of the book and saw the end and hurried to finish it? I don't know and probably never will. But I was definately disappointed.

Three more posts!!!!!!