Monday, February 4, 2008

Post no. 100!!!!!!!!

For weeks I have been thinking of what to post for my 100th blog. Now that it is here I have no clue. I just read one where she wrote 100 things about herself. WOW! I don't think I could do that. My memory of my childhood is fuzzy at best. Especially 100 things. So here I sit and suffer from writers block on the most impotrant blog to date. :) It is okay I'll survive this but I'm sure there will be embarassment. I could go take a shower and hope that Noble would speak up. I could surf others blogs and hope for inspiration, but I usually come up with my own ideas.

I wont tell you how long I sat and stared at the screen before I began to type again. OKAY HERE GOES:

Ten questions, each worth 10 points. (10 x 10 = 100) post your answers in the comments and I'll put names in a "hat" and the winner will get a valentines present.

1)What are you wearing right now?

2)When is your anniversary?

3)When is your birthday? (no year required)

4)Name one unique thing in your bag or purse?

5)What should you be doing right now?

6)Favorite color?

7)Night owl or early bird?

8)Favorite ice cream?


10)Do you belive in Faeries?

Okay, post your answers and on Thursday (my anniversary) I'll draw one lucky persons name and send them a gift!

Whoo hoo!



Andy Lemmon said...

1. White t-shirt under "peach glow" jacket I just bought yesterday, blue jeans, and white socks.

2. December 29th

3. March 14th

4. vial of consecrated olive oil

5. laundry, dishes, writing in my novel, dinner...

6. purple!

7. night owl

8. there's so many, its hard to choose... I prefer vanilla with "stuff" in it, like chocolate, caramel, and nuts

9. Reigheena

10. No. Though I have written about them in stories.

Looking forward to the prize!

Evil said...


July 17th

sept. 26th

a piece of the petrofied forest



Night owl

rocky road

Evil Mathizar

No faeries don't exhist. and no amount of clapping will save any of them.

wow with only 2 posts im bound to win. :)

not much happens here unless I stir things up.


~paulette said...

happy anniversary on Thur. How many years now?

Noble M Standing said...

dare I say it?

ten plus seven equals seventeen.
Tee hee!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Jim jams
2. June
3. June also
4. a stapler
5. Homework
6. right now...? red, yeah, red sounds good
7. chickenhawk
8. Goo goo cluster
9. WP Morgenstien
10. Absolutely

Congrats on number 100!

Laurel said...

1. Jeans and jacket

2. What anniversary?

3. December 10, 1993

4. Socks

5. Homework... UGGG

6. PINK!!!

7. Night owl

8. Beaver Tracks

9. Lolo or poptart

10. If your counting Tinkerbell...

Anonymous said...

Haven't you guys ever seen the smashed faerie book? Hey, that's proof enough for me!

~paulette said...

well, i came back to post my answers :P

1. on the day that i orginally posted, i was actually wearing silver high heals, new black work slacks, and a blue empior-waist line blue blouse

2. July 5th

3. FEB 11 (this next monday-WHOHOO)

4. don't know about "unique" but i do have (literally) like 70 pens :)

5. WORKING! of course

6. Black... blue and red too and yellow. (the last three remind me of fire)

7. Neither! and i'm not so hot in the afternoon either. Middle to late mornings is best... or about 8-10 at night. not really extreem enough for "early" or "late"

8. Cookies N Cream (nice company's only tho... like blue-bunney or something)

9. Cheeki (came home from austrailia with it-and has stuck in the family)

10. Faeries often dance around my head or on my computer screen when i'm suppose to be working, and distract me from getting anything done. so, yes. :)

...what, no favorite number?