Friday, February 29, 2008

Best Friends Forever

*Warning, I have been up since 3:44*

I saw a post on another blog and it ispired me. What blog? you ask... I don't remember.

Her blog was on best friends. I have had plenty of them in my lifetime and everyone of them still means a TON to me. But alas times change we move or they move or we change ourselves. At that time we move on with fond memories in our hearts. Then there are best friends forever or kindred spirits. Ones that twenty years after you first meet you still think about talk to and laugh and cry with.

I am very lucky, I have a kindred spirit, God sent her to me to assist me through the most dificult time I have ever experienced in my life. And for that,I am extreemely grateful. She is ten years younger than I and in some ways a polar opposite of me, but she is still my BFF.

Her name is Paulette and her blog is at,

go see her say hi for me.... She is a writer as I am, and we met at church. I had a feeling that I should share the fact that I had finished another rough draft and was pretty proud of it. I said so in the "Good news minute". She approached me after church that day saying she was interested in writing and she'd love to come over and talk writing. I was of course excited, some one else that wrote wow! I thought.

So a few months later (we are both very shy) she finally comes over to my house and I show her my (horrible) first drafts (i am much better at writing now) and we talked writing. Now mind you she said she was interested in writing and she hadnt started anything but she was just thinking about it. Finally after a few months of getting to know her she admitted to me that she was allready writing and had written some 1,000 pages of a Trillogy. She LIED to me but I soon forgave her and it was the start of a beautifull friendship.

We now live in completely diferent places she in AZ me in central UT. But it hasnt changed our friendship. She is my best friend and adopted sister. I love her as if she was blood. We are true kindred spirits, Anne Shirely would be proud.

So... to my BFF LOVE YOU!!!!!



~paulette said...

i can't believe you posted about me! Now i'll have to go clean up by blog incase anyone comes by!

and i didn't lie!
I told you that i had "toyed" around with a little writing, but would like to learn about the art more seriously. You should understand by now that my typing is very long winded... 1,000 pages of MY writing equals out to about 10 pages of actual good text! So, yes, *technically* i was still "toying" around. That's my story and i'm sticking to it (blush)

but really, you made me cry
thank you

Shanna Blythe said...

I have to admit that both of you guys intimidated me when you came into our group. I'm glad we found you! Or you found us . . .

Tamra Norton said...

How fun that my BFF post inspired another BFF post. I think BFFs around the world should unite and start a BFF appreciation week. We'll meet in Hawaii for a week and eat chocolate and pineapple and wear our bikinis (yeah--dreamin' here) and dance the hula and surf and...and.... Or maybe we should just blog about our BFF...and have an Anne of Green Gables marathon.

Tristi Pinkston said...

A thousand pages is pretty darned impressive no matter how you look at it.

I like Paulette too. :)

wom said...

I kind of think she is pretty special too..... :)