Friday, February 15, 2008

little miracles

Today has been a day of reflection. While I have bemoaned a little the fact that I am not going to the confrence I have looked forward to for over a year. It is easily overwhelmed by the realization that there were some very obvious miracles in the hours surrounding the rollover.

First is the obvious fact that the three of us are alive. If you look at the picture below, you may notice that the roof of the truck colapsed within 2" of the tops of my kids car seats. The three windows around them burst and the two of them (my kids) only suffered minor cuts. Add to that the buckets in the seat next to them and the random bags and luggage flying through the air and out the broken window and I'm thinking miracle.

Just ten minutes before the accident I reminded my 4 yo to put his shoulder straps on and buckle the chest clip, he did so willinglly with no argument. My silver cell phone didnt fly out the window and get lost in all the white snow. The cell phone (with no bars) worked just long enough for me to call 911 and tell them what happened and where I was. My lap top which was thrown out the window still works. My digital camera still works too. The glass bottles of really expesive supplements in my suitcase which was thrown out the window were not broken. The full insurance coverage we meant to cancel since the truck was paid off was never cancled.

For someone who has struggled with my faith on and off, the few hours around the rollover has convinced me that there is some one up there looking out for me. That regardless of my thoughts for my future He has somethimg in His plans for me.

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