Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am officially wireless. I was at wally world and my intention was to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard. I couldn't find the combination sets so I settled for a wireless mouse. I was a little disappointed because I wanted a keyboard too. A few minutes later I found the combo sets and the set was only $5.00 more than the mouse alone. I also got a new USB for my comp seeing that my old one will not save anything, and my back up one disappeared. So I am now set up on my lap top.

LTUE the conference is in two weeks and I am so excited, My friend Karen and I will be sharing a room at a nearby hotel and will be attending all three days. YES!!!!! it is going to be so much fun! There are so many classes that I want to go to. I'll have to give you all the full lowdown when I get home.

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Ronda Hinrichsen said...

That's awesome! Make sure you share a bit of what you learn!

Noble M Standing said...

I will. There are so many classes I am excited to go to. There is a writing a series class, a world building class, an applying science in your work class and so on and so on. If you guys want google LTUE BYU and look up schedules. the best thing it is free. Well, except the hotell and meals. :)


~paulette said...

lol... i thought you meant "wireless" internet. i was trying to figure out what that had to do with a computer-mouse for a moment. tehehhee