Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Worlds within worlds

I'm a huge fan of Parallel novels. I love reading a series of books that are all interrelated by worlds or characters or both. Probably why I also love writing novels that are interconnected.

I had this really cool idea, (still is cool) that involved a planet and some deadly storms. As I pondered this story I realized that this planet was the same as the one in "The Guardian War" stories. Only this story happened a long time before TGW. It felt right as I contemplated the universe at that point in time.

I also have an Urban Fantasy world and the latest story idea I had fits all nice and snug in that realm. As my story develops I am discovering all sorts of paranormal nasties to have fun with.

Some might think that parallel novels is cheating. Not having to build another world and not creating new characters. I totally agree, I am cheating, but I love the worlds I have created, why not take advantage of that? Why not use that rich and developed world where the reader gets to experience more because you're familiar with it?

What's your opinion? Do you like parellel works? What are your favorites?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Having direction in writing

Often times begining writers write alot of stories in alot of genres before settling on one that they feel is right for them. While it may not be my favorite exercise, the creative writing assignment that forces you to think outside of your genre box is good for you as a writer. You might find that you write one style really well inspite of your preconcieved notions.

My first love as a young reader was Science Fiction. That was what I chose to write as a teen. Well 20 something years later I write technical suspense not sci/fi like I thought I would be writing. I don't write the science well but I have found I am good at character based thriller plotting style. And, even if I can't write a full on romance, I have romantic themes in my stories.

Funny story, my friend and I were talking and she had assumed that I wrote romance until I was telling her what "my assassin" had done in the most recent chapter.

Well, 7 years into writing seriously I have not only found a genre I love, Tech Suspense, (add a little Urban Fantasy here or there) but I have found a "theme" in my writing. As my logline says I write about "bad boys (or girls) that go good". My characters go through events in the MS that change them and their lives. I like the process of deconstruction I take them through to get them to a better place.

As of now I have 5 serious ideas or rough drafts about some bad boy or another and what happens to then as they change to being good. Granted, two of those ideas have a paranormal urban fantasy leaning, and I have a YA that while the character isn't a bad boy, he goes from being an immature teen to a responsible young adult. Obviously I have a pattern that works for me.

It's a nice feeling.

I have 100 follwers!!!!

Whoohoo! I have 100 followers!!!! I'm so excited.

Congratulations to Shawna Carroll who was my 100th follower and chose Black Berry Crumble by Josi Kilpack.

And Renae MAckey who won the general random drawing and will get Beautiful Creatures by KAmi Garcia ans Margret Sthol.

That was alot of fun I'll have to do it again.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life, a broken arm and three days without the internet.


Yep, that is my life right now, not that its an excuse but I couldn't do anything I regularly do for three days. So yesterdy it was catch up on my sleep, my home, and my life. Sleep, we're doing better. House, there's a visible dent. Life well that is probably out of control most of the time anyway.

I digress tho. Sitting in the hospital with my laptop and no internet was a good thing. I pounded out my plot for a new book on Tuesday while waiting for our surgery time. I was able to go over and do some edits on my latest MG project I finished on last Friday. I also watched some hours of mind numing TV which is normally something I never do. Sometimes we all need to veg right?

I have had some really cool realizations lately and I know the direction I want to go in my writing. I have had some good interest in my Emergence manuscript and i'm giddy happy about that.

My birthday was a blast, I went to the Book Festival in SLC and got a pre release copy of Posession by Elana Jhonson. YAY! I also got a copy of Maze Runner by James Dashner signed for a promoting literacy project for my daughter. My son made a killing Sat, he walked away with five free books, that was awesome for him.

I promise to discuss the new/old direction I am going in my next post unless I have an apostrophy. LOL

Untill then, write like mad my friends. Dont forget to become a follower, I only need four more until I give away two free books.

Friday, June 3, 2011


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