Monday, June 30, 2008

Well rejection stings...

I recieved a e-mail from Kirk Shaw this afternoon. I am officially rejected. He said it was an interesting story. And that it was hard to publish Scifi fantasy in the LDS market. OUCH!

Friday, June 27, 2008

July will be busy.

Okay I told you that I had to cut 77 pages, I was wrong—so very, very wrong. I have a tendency to mess up numbers so I transposed or just plain messed up. I had to cut 135 pages. But I did it. So now I have a 474 version and a 349 pg version. I had to cut a lot of fluff, but I feel that the story is still consistent.

However, that is not the reason for this post.

I have signed up for another Book in a month challenge. The idea is to get you rear end in a chair and just write. Seeing that with DD 1 finished to the point of submission and sitting here trying not to go crazy as two editors look at my MS. I decided it was time to really dig my claws into Awaiting (DD 2). I am excited to really get into Awaiting, it is in Dominion Days protagonists wife’s voice. It follows her through some serious trials. The plot is restructured and solid, and I feel really good about it.

So July will be DD2 month. Who knows I might have a pretty good rewrite done by summers end.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wow, I've been slacking....

With the preperation for the conference and other things I have slacked on my blog posts. I wanted to leave the blog tour on for a while but still, I have only posted four posts and June is almost over.

Some times life gets away from you I guess.

So a few days ago I took a shower, some of you know where this is leading..... I had an epithany and I have restructured DD3 Foxproof. It was too similar to Dominion Day so I altered it and I definately like it better. My Protag and the love interest have fantastic sexual tension, so instead of getting them together in the begining and losing the tension, I pushed it back a while, (sorry Kellie you'll have to wait a little bit for the kissing scene.) I had to change some things but it turns out the plot is better. It is interesting that everytime I change things it just gets better, I KNOW I am being guided in writing this series, everything falls into place when it needs to.

With DD1 done I am thinking about Awaiting (DD2). It is taking some time since this book is in Lyris' point of view and I have had to switch from Noble to her in my head. My tendency is to write everything from his POV. You'd think that it would be easy to write from a female POV since I am female but I have had Noble in my head for so long it is hard to switch.

Anyone else? Do you write in your own gender? Or do you write in the opposite?
I'd love to hear your opinion....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Heaven Scent by Rebecca C. Talley

This is a really wonderful young adult novel. About life, changes and regrets. I am not a sports fan but I was surprised when I was drawn into the basketball in this book. It is well writen and Rebecca has definately found her voice. The story of Liza her family and friends will draw you in and keep you company through the duration of the book. Good job Rebecca.

The interview follows.....

1 How did you become a writer?

I think I've always been a writer. I've always loved words and how they sound. From a young age, I wanted to create stories and share them. Though I've written stories on and off for years, I started seriously pursuing writing about 10 years ago when I began writing regularly for the web on Suite101 and BellaOnline.

2 What inspires you?

My children inspire me and provide me with plenty of ideas. My husband is very supportive and inspires me to reach for my dreams.

3 It this your first attempt at a book?

Yes, "Heaven Scent" is my first attempt at a novel.

4 You have alot of basketball in it, do you play yourself or do your kids?

I played basketball in high school, but I didn't play well enough to secure a place on a college team. My kids play sports? Umm, no. They're all performers who love the stage, not a sports lover in the bunch.

5 Was the car accident always a part of the plot? Or did you think of it later?

The accident was always a part of the plot. I lost my father in a car accident whern I was a young girl.

6 Are you a planner ploter writer? or do you just let the story come to you?

I usually write the story all at once in a first draft and then go back and plot it out. The organized part of me thinks I should plot before I write, but the creative side doesn't agree. I do generally have an idea of the story and how it will end before I start the first draft, and I also write out a one-page synopsis as well as character descriptions before I start. I guess I'm a planner-plotter-seat-of-my-pants writer :).

7 How do you get any writing done with TEN kids?

I write whenever I can. I don't have any hobbies or other interests because I devote the little time I find here and there to writing. I don't write as fast, or as much, as I would like at the point in my life, but I'm sure there will be a season when I can devote more time to writing. As much as I love writing, I want to enjoy every moment I can with my kids because all too soon they'll be grown.

Thank you so much, Michelle, for hosting my book today. I appreciate your support.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday at CFI

I hope that my previous post entertained you for a few days. I was busy preparing for a pitch session with Jeffery Marsh the acquiring editor of Cedar Fort publishing. Cedar Fort offered a writers conference this past Saturday and along with the conference they offerd 10 minute pitch sessions with the acquiring editor for CFI. So with my MS done and feeling brave I signed up for both.

It was a wonderful conference.

We heard from Doug Johnston, and Jeffery Marsh, both from CFI, Jeffery spoke about what CFI wants in submissions--books that make a difference-- Doug spoke about what a publicist wants to see from an Author. Then Abel Keogh spoke about websites and blogs. He is the author of "Room For Two", about dating after being widdowed. The story sounds poingant I definately want to get this book and read it. Then Janet Kay Jensen author of "Dont You Marry The Mormon Boys" Spoke about publicizing your books and self promotion. I took copipous notes. (her talk spurred an epithany, which I'll get to later.)

We had a wonderful lunch made by a co. I can't remember the name of. But it was good.

After lunch I sat down to listen to Elloise Owen talk about motivation and I couldn't concentrate, my pitch session was in less than an hour. (honestly, I was so nervous I almost lost my breakfast that morning.) I sat and meditated in the lobby to calm myself down. Jeffery took me back to an office and we talked for a few minutes, he asked me about the book I told him how it was clean action/suspence. He asked me how it ended and I told him about the first chapter and then the last chapter. He sounded so enthusiastic when he said he couldn't wait to read it. I gave it to him and he asked me if I could cut it down to 350 pages (a cut of 77 pages and I said yes like a deer in the head lights.) it was a good pitch I think. I was walking on Cloud 9 and probably didnt hear a word Elloise said after the session. I was mulling over what I had said and what he said and then pondering marketing ideas that the other speakers had started train of thoughts in my head.

As I rode home with my DEAR HUSBAND who lovingly drove me there. I had my promotion theme and ideas flow into my head. it was amazing. I love the theme and as soon as I get a contract you will be hearing about it.

Was it worth it? You bet!!!!!!!
Even as nervous as I was? Yes, I wouldn't have been as prepared if I wasn't.

This was a great coinference, sign me up for next years today please.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So I have hit a dilemma in my writing. I think I'll distract myself with a blog entry while I wait for my muse to decide to jump the story a couple of months or let it stay. Meanwhile I have been tagged at least three times with the seven unique things about me so without further adieu I will attempt to entertain you.

1)I have a phobia of large glass windows. If they are over 4' square it starts bugging me. I am pretty sure it comes from watching the movie Bladerunner when I was a teen. When the girl goes through all of those plates of glass.

2)I love tappioca pudding. No reason just do.

3)I collect pumpkins, yep they are on top of my cupboard in my kitchen, some people come in and ask why I havn't removed my Halloween decorations.

4) I love Halloween and Fall it is my favorite time of year. I dont belive in the scary decorations or costumes, but I love pumpkins and corn stalks and orange and black lights. I use Halloween as a time marker in my books, alot of things happen on Halloween for Noble and Lyris.

5) with the exception of feeling a little isolated, I love living in Castle Dale, it hasnt taken me a year or more to get used to it like everyone has said it does. I like the more relaxed atmosphere, the safety my kids have here, and the much better schools. (Besides as a part time fantasy writer, what a better place to live than CASTLE Dale.)

6)I collect dishes too, I have a whole cupboard filled with china, stoneware, goblets etc. This is the first house that I have room to put them somewhere besides a box in the garage. I love having people over and having nice dishes and things to use.

7) My boyfriend my senior year of High School introdouced me to my husband.