Monday, June 16, 2008

Heaven Scent by Rebecca C. Talley

This is a really wonderful young adult novel. About life, changes and regrets. I am not a sports fan but I was surprised when I was drawn into the basketball in this book. It is well writen and Rebecca has definately found her voice. The story of Liza her family and friends will draw you in and keep you company through the duration of the book. Good job Rebecca.

The interview follows.....

1 How did you become a writer?

I think I've always been a writer. I've always loved words and how they sound. From a young age, I wanted to create stories and share them. Though I've written stories on and off for years, I started seriously pursuing writing about 10 years ago when I began writing regularly for the web on Suite101 and BellaOnline.

2 What inspires you?

My children inspire me and provide me with plenty of ideas. My husband is very supportive and inspires me to reach for my dreams.

3 It this your first attempt at a book?

Yes, "Heaven Scent" is my first attempt at a novel.

4 You have alot of basketball in it, do you play yourself or do your kids?

I played basketball in high school, but I didn't play well enough to secure a place on a college team. My kids play sports? Umm, no. They're all performers who love the stage, not a sports lover in the bunch.

5 Was the car accident always a part of the plot? Or did you think of it later?

The accident was always a part of the plot. I lost my father in a car accident whern I was a young girl.

6 Are you a planner ploter writer? or do you just let the story come to you?

I usually write the story all at once in a first draft and then go back and plot it out. The organized part of me thinks I should plot before I write, but the creative side doesn't agree. I do generally have an idea of the story and how it will end before I start the first draft, and I also write out a one-page synopsis as well as character descriptions before I start. I guess I'm a planner-plotter-seat-of-my-pants writer :).

7 How do you get any writing done with TEN kids?

I write whenever I can. I don't have any hobbies or other interests because I devote the little time I find here and there to writing. I don't write as fast, or as much, as I would like at the point in my life, but I'm sure there will be a season when I can devote more time to writing. As much as I love writing, I want to enjoy every moment I can with my kids because all too soon they'll be grown.

Thank you so much, Michelle, for hosting my book today. I appreciate your support.

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