Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday at CFI

I hope that my previous post entertained you for a few days. I was busy preparing for a pitch session with Jeffery Marsh the acquiring editor of Cedar Fort publishing. Cedar Fort offered a writers conference this past Saturday and along with the conference they offerd 10 minute pitch sessions with the acquiring editor for CFI. So with my MS done and feeling brave I signed up for both.

It was a wonderful conference.

We heard from Doug Johnston, and Jeffery Marsh, both from CFI, Jeffery spoke about what CFI wants in submissions--books that make a difference-- Doug spoke about what a publicist wants to see from an Author. Then Abel Keogh spoke about websites and blogs. He is the author of "Room For Two", about dating after being widdowed. The story sounds poingant I definately want to get this book and read it. Then Janet Kay Jensen author of "Dont You Marry The Mormon Boys" Spoke about publicizing your books and self promotion. I took copipous notes. (her talk spurred an epithany, which I'll get to later.)

We had a wonderful lunch made by a co. I can't remember the name of. But it was good.

After lunch I sat down to listen to Elloise Owen talk about motivation and I couldn't concentrate, my pitch session was in less than an hour. (honestly, I was so nervous I almost lost my breakfast that morning.) I sat and meditated in the lobby to calm myself down. Jeffery took me back to an office and we talked for a few minutes, he asked me about the book I told him how it was clean action/suspence. He asked me how it ended and I told him about the first chapter and then the last chapter. He sounded so enthusiastic when he said he couldn't wait to read it. I gave it to him and he asked me if I could cut it down to 350 pages (a cut of 77 pages and I said yes like a deer in the head lights.) it was a good pitch I think. I was walking on Cloud 9 and probably didnt hear a word Elloise said after the session. I was mulling over what I had said and what he said and then pondering marketing ideas that the other speakers had started train of thoughts in my head.

As I rode home with my DEAR HUSBAND who lovingly drove me there. I had my promotion theme and ideas flow into my head. it was amazing. I love the theme and as soon as I get a contract you will be hearing about it.

Was it worth it? You bet!!!!!!!
Even as nervous as I was? Yes, I wouldn't have been as prepared if I wasn't.

This was a great coinference, sign me up for next years today please.


Jewel Allen said...

Congratulations! What a great-sounding pitch session. Good luck!

Carroll said...

I'd say that was a great pitch session!

I had to grin at the part about cutting 77 pages. My co-authors (Nancy and Lael) and I had to cut huge amounts of text in each of the books in our trilogy, The Company of Good Women. That's what comes of having three writers working on one book!

Anyway, we used Lael's yardstick: Will readers miss this character or event if they aren't in the book? Sometimes the parts we liked the best had to go because the answer was no.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Carroll just gave you some awesome advice -- run with it!

I'm so excited for this chance you've been given -- your story is great and I can't wait to see it published.

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

Thanks, Jewel, Carroll, And Tristi. Did I ever mention I am terrible at math? I am, I had to cut 134 pages not 77. Interesting it takes a year to write edit and polish and a few days to cut 130 pages. :)