Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something good

"When your getting flack you know you're on the target."
Said by my DH in response to the comment that no traditional Christian publisher will touch your manuscript if your LDS. (No offence intended toward those publishers.)

Regardless, of the discussion we were having, the comment has stuck with me. When you are doing what is right and good--those bad forces that are out there will work against you. It seems that they want the world to be dark and dreary, therefore they will stop things that are good and light.

Not that I am one to share personal things, but, I have had two distinct experiences lately that I feel I must express.

When I was preparing my entries for the first chapter contest things came together in such a way that those that believe that there are such outside forces would see their hand in the events that occured. The entries were in my opinion flawless, they sounded great and were as error free as I and my "editor" could make them. Yet, when I went to post them everything and their little anoying dogs came out to prevent me from posting them. After hours of headaches and prayers by me, on my, or my chapters behalf, I was able to post them. The feeling I had as I struggled with them was this intense feeling similar to speaking in public. Yet it was not fear it was positive energy, like the seconds before that great first kiss. Then as I clicked the send button on my computer I felt a huge sense of relief, but it felt positive not just a great that's over feeling.

The second event has happened over the last two days. I finished my manuscript last week. Short of the corrections I need to do when my editors give it back to me it is done and finished. Yesterday I sat and wrote out my two page synopsis and my query pitch and polished my query letter. Everything is ready for me to start submitting my MS to agents. The feeling I have had this morning is this amazing feeling. As if I was at the top of a rollercoaster hill ready to go down that hill. I feel as if I am standing on the cusp of something amazing. That I am on the verge of something new and wonderfull in my life. Something akin to realizing that after nine monts of pregnancy that you have just realized that you're really in labor. And the end result of that is a wonderful baby to love and bond with.

Who really knows, I might fall flat on my face. But, I must acknowledge that even if this story is not published I have finished writing a book. I have poured blood sweat and tears into this story and it is something of good value, and worth. I have not let my talents be burried, I have worked on them and have something amazing to show for my work.

Either way, the feeling of standing on that CUSP of something new still thrills my soul and I am better for it.

So. . . when you are feeling flack you are on the target.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Beauty of Epithany.

Epithany, a sudden amazing idea or clarity of thought about something you are pondering. At least that is how I describe it. As you know alot of epithanys happen to me in the shower, the Tooele house was more frequent tho. I have worried about the Mc in my second book that he was too laid back and boring I even had readers tell me that. So as I have worried and pondered it, it has been on my mind.

As I was fixing a snack before Karate and it hit me like a bomb leaving me breathless and wide eyed. I know what to do with him I know how to approach his character. I am Psyched and excited I used the time we drove to and from Karate to ponder the epithany and work onit in my head.

I read a post where someone said her ideas mugged her in the mall. I laughed hard at that one.

So..... How do they hit you?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am feeling acomplished. . .

I did it. This has been an amazing weekend.

On Friday I earned my orange belt in Tang Soo Do. I also broke a board in order toget the rank advancement. I am happy with myself. I didn't know if I could break it.

Today I finished the last half chapter of my manuscript. It sits at 75,967 words and 259 pages.

Yay, I am so excited. :)

This is a picture of my board and my belt. SOOOO COOL!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And the winner is. . .

Jewell from Pink Ink. Sorry it took so long, life happened. Jewell, I will see you at the conference right? Is that too late to deliver your prezzie to you? Thanks guys for celebrating my 200th post with me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dreams and wishes do come true.

On my ten item wish list I mentioned I wanted a 15 pass van. Well sometimes wishes and dreams come true. THIS IS MY VAN!!!!!! We bought it yesterday. It is so nice, I love it!
I guess the moral of this post is: DONT GIVE UP. Dreams do come true, we can get things our hearts desire.