Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Author Bling

Bling, swag, stuff.

Whatever you call it. It's the stuff that you hand out to, and display for your readers. It's supposedly there to help promote and remind the reader of who the author of the book they just bought, or want to buy is.

What am I talking about? Bookmarks, business cards, promotional items, etc.

To be honest, you don't need it. However, if you want to be remembered, chances are this kind of stuff will help. It's a way to remind someone who is interested in your work who you are and what you wrote.

One thing to think about when ordering bling, is what you wrote and are promoting, VS what you will write in the future. Imagine it this way. If you are going to write a series of books with the same feel, ordering a thousand business cards in the same style might not be a bad idea.

If you write five stand alone books in quick succession, ordering a thousand business cards with your first book cover on it is probably not a good idea.

Or if you're like me and run the gamut of genre between futuristic suspense to middle grade non fiction, book specific items are not the best idea for most of your stuff. I also imagine that some promotional choices can and should be made based on the amount of money you have to promote your books. I honestly can't go out and buy new stuff like banners for every book that I am producing. Nor do I want to. What's the point of having a closet full of items for past books?

On the other hand, book specific book marks are a good idea. Whenever someone buys a book you put a few in the book, or in the envelope or sign them and hand them out to people who don't buy your book but look like they might be interested later.

If you are displaying your book(s) at a conference or signing it's a good idea that the table reflect the book. Even if you have to split the table and use two themes. Another option is to create a general look that does well with all of the books offered. I imagine it might be as hard to do as it seems. Unless all of your books reflect your theme or genre.

So in retrospect this is what I think should be done in regards to extra stuff.

Author general:
Banners, signs, business cards, e-mail signatures, author pictures, author bios, website themes, (unless you are doing separate websites for every book, genre etc.), display tables and how an author presents themselves, all need to be more generic.

Book specific:
book marks, book related giveaways, things like pens, key chains, pins, decorations for tables and for launches, can be more specific.

Authors note: these promo items can also be ordered in smaller amounts and still be affordable. However, spending lots of money on large items for every new book can cut into profits that could be used somewhere else.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Write Here in Ephiram!

I'll be there March 9th! I'll be teaching three classes TWICE! I'm so excited! I'll be teaching Story Structure, Master Chapter Outlines and Martial Arts in Writing. I'll have my Book Emergence there for people to buy and I'll sign it if you ask. There'll be some awesome classes and some awesome door prizes. You know you want to.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year . . .

Yes I know the snow is melting and the temperatures where I live are now in the livable range. And Yes I know its not December.

Even better? It's conference season.

Yep, most of the writers conferences are happening between now and summer. There are a few in September and October but that just spreads the joy a little longer.

So if you are gearing up to start the conference season starting this weekend with LTUE in Orem Ut. Or some other conference. I have a few suggestions of what to do and bring to make your time at the whirlwind of people and information better.

One, you need a bag. There's books, bookmarks, business cards, and other stuff that your going to be grabbing. You are also going to want to take notes and need a place to store said notepad.

In the bag you probably want paper and pens if like me you still take notes faster with them. Your notebook, laptop, iPad etc can also go in this bag.

A bottle of water and gum/mints for when your thirsty or meet somone youd like to talk to and you had onions on your sandwich at lunch time.

Snacks if you tend to be a little low in the blood sugar department.

Business cards with your contact information on them. Your email website and blog are the ones I think are most important.

One last thing. Remember to bring your manners and courtesies with you. That way everyone has fun.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The method of motivation.

I have a lot of things going this year. I'll have two books released as well as a short story in a Christmas anthology. I am also in various stages of writing and editing other works in progress.
Yet some days I can't seem to stay off facebook.
It's not that I don't have plenty of ideas to write or projects to do. I have tons of story ideas begging to be written and projects in various stages of done-ness.
It's just that things like facebook and Pinterest and other social media is so shiny!
I have a whiteboard right next to my desk with all my projects listed and their level of completion. I try to have certain hours where I work and do writerly things. Some days I think I'm more distractible than others.
How does everyone else do it? How do you stay motivated?

Monday, February 4, 2013

MUSEical motivation

Last time I posted about music that inspired me it was well recieved.

This week I want to highlight Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

This song talks about being caught in the crossfire between heaven and hell. Searching for chelter together as a couple. Telling the devil to go back to where he came, his fiery arrows drawing their bead in vain. That our dreams will break the boundaries of our fear.

Anyway. Go take a look, and enjoy.