Friday, May 30, 2008

Love of Writing...

As much as I love the revising process,

( I know some of you are thinking I am crazy, but hear me out, I love reworking my books, I love making everything better, sound better, be grammatically correct. )

I LOVE writing!!!!!!! As I wait to hear about my MS I needed to do something, so I began to plot the next two books. Then in a moment of inspiration I started the second chapter of the third book and what can I say but WOW! I love that everything just flows when my muse is happy. I have written seven pages of my new book and I love it. I love the new enhanced storyline, I love that everything sounds better.

I love to Write!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Writing and the X Files...

In the last few weeks I have done some major plot revision on book #2. I was hoping to explain the process and in pondering how to put it into words I thought of my favorite old TV show, X Files. Especially since I have heard there is a new movie coming out.
As for the TV series, there were two types of episodes in X Files.
The “regular” episodes and then the “Conspiracy” episodes.
They showed interchangeably sometimes you’d get three weeks of one type and then two of the other but rest assured the conspiracy ones were always interspersed throughout the season. Sometimes I wish I could get the box sets of all nine (I think) seasons and just watch the conspiracy episodes from beginning to end to see if I could figure out what really went on.
So now to the gist of the post.
When I wrote the second book of Dominion Day, the book covered a number of years, ten I think. And I had regular scenes as well as scenes with the main antagonist and his buddies. There was also the story of a minor char intermingled in these scenes. It was a good story, however after the first Storymakers conference, my best friend suggested that the second book encompass just one of the main characters short experience, and leave the rest of the story to the fourth book. I totally agreed and went home. Pulled the book apart chapter by chapter laid them on my gigantic dining room table and separated them like she had suggested. I also altered the first book to end in a different but much better spot.
So as I have sat and stared at the plotlines of book #2, I began to realize that it wasn’t a solid plot; too many holes, too many inconsistencies.
(BTW, Book # 3 is a different character and story line, I never had problems with that book. )
A couple of days ago I realized what was wrong, I had the bad guy in both stories spaced over 16 years. There’s no way Noble would let this guy live for that long, I realized, and it made my story weak. So like I have desired from X Files for so many years, I separated the bad guy scenes from the regular scenes and I condensed the bad guy in the story into one book completely removing him from book #4. With that change it allowed me to create a solid story arc, with a beginning middle and end. I also began to think about my bad guy; who is he, why is he bad, what does he want to accomplish, how will he accomplish said goals? And suddenly it clicked, the bad guy became more of a real character to me and the reasons and other things began to appear. So now with the second book plot firmly in place I am ready to begin the rewrite.
Oh and book #4 you ask… I have ideas already, and plenty of scenes, and this time the antagonist is already firm.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The benifits of not watching TV

I have six kids, these pictures were taken one evening as I was cooking dinner. It grew really quiet so I went looking for my kids expecting trouble. This is what I found, Four of them were in the living room reading, (the ones that can read,) A fifth was downstairs he had fallen asleep looking at a really cool nature book. (He is 4 and can't read yet, but it doesnt stop him, I didnt get a pic of him, didnt think about it I guess...) That night I went into my 1 year olds room to check on him before I started my bedtime routine and I found him with a book in his hands too. I have a family of readers.

First before you think I am preaching, let me explain. About 5 years ago I was cooking dinner as my kids sat in front of the TV watching whatever sitcom was on. I was listening because at that time there were TV shows I liked and watched. As the show came to a close I was deeply offended by the insinuations that were said on a show that up until then I had approved for my kids to watch. I wiped my hands off, came into the livingroom and unplugged the TV, I didn't just turn it off. I had, had enough. Did my kids protest? Yes. Did they whine? You bet. Did my husband whine? Well no, but he questioned my decision at first. Now we happily live TV free and I think we spend our free time constructively.

How I will spend my summer...

This is the stack of books under my really cool bed table I bought at the DI for 15 bucks. That isn't the story tho'. These books are my reading list for this summer. Why? you ask. Because I am teaching a writing class this next school year at the local Jr High. I helped teach the same class in Tooele last year; and I have in my posession some really cool lessons that my friends wrote. This summer I am re-writing the lessons to fit my style, and using books that are young adult and
I am familiar with. Therefore the stack. The only books that are missing are #4 from the Wizzard Series by Diane Duane, #2 The Widow's Revenge, By KL Fogg, The Twilight Series, that my daughter owns by Stephenie Meyer (Breaking Dawn comes out in August), and I guess the new Artemis Fowl. It may look like alot but I read fairly fast, I will probably be done reading by the end of June. Leaving July and Aug. to write and polish the lessons.

I just had an idea, my writer friend is bloging on the writing process from start to finish. I'll post the lessons I am preparing as I finish them. It'll be fun, dont hold your breath though, I won't post anything until probably July.

Friday, May 9, 2008

sisters in arms...

Although writing is a solitary activity, and writers spend a lot of time alone. (not counting the hundred or so characters in our heads) There is one very important thing that a writer needs besides paper and pen or computer and printer. It is writer friends. These writer friends are people who we can send our manuscripts to, share our frustrations with, and celebrate our successes and failures (celebrate failures… don’t you mean cry over rejections?) We bounce ideas off them when we are plotting (ouch that sounds like it hurts) and go to them when we have hit the proverbial writers block (block? More like a 15 foot tall brick wall).
The reason for this post is I have been blessed with some very good writer friends, those members of SCRaWL, my writing group from Tooele, and my best friend who is also a writer Paulette. A few days ago, (few days…I think it was yesterday) we talked on the phone, she wanted a certain kiss to stay in the scene, but the events prior to the kiss had changed so at that moment there was no reason for it except it is so cute and sweet. We talked about it and suddenly I had an idea… “What if…” I said and she thought about it and it worked. Then this morning I had some revisions on the plot for book two and I told her and together we worked on it and made the plot more solid and even better. (except for the part about leaving Noble dead in the snow…) We were both PSYCHED! This is what is so cool about having writer friends.
SO…… To the members of SCRaWL consider yourselves awarded.
And to Paulette, you deserve more than just an award but it is all I have at the moment. 
Thanks guys! From Michelle (and Noble)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I did it.

Dominion Day is finished, it is as polished as it can get without a publishing editor taking a red pen to it.

Even more:



The only thing I forgot to do is put page numbers on it. I am so lame sometimes. I read the submission guidelines so many times, I knew I hadn't done that one thing but alas in the excitement of sending it to them I forgot. Hopefully it will be a small thing that he can overlook. Hopefully my awesome writing will override the lack of numbers on the bottom right corner. SIGH!
I am excited, this is a real submission. AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

See I am dreaming big.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I have finished reading through my MS. I have corrected every error I have seen. Dominion Day stands at 105,592 words and 362 pages in Times size 12. So Monday I tackle the cover letter and send it to Covenant.

Okay all of you take a deep breath and say with me...


My mom is an avid reader, I get the bad habit from her. Now at her age, (she is 22 years older than me)she requires reading glasses to support her habit. She is also famous for taking them off and losing them.

So the gist of the story is that my patrents gave thier older couch to my cousin. When my cousins husband lost the remote in the couch they cut it open and found

16 PAIRS of glasses all belonging to my mom!!!!!!!

She took a picture of them and posted a found post on the family web page. I laughed so hard I couldn't move.

My mom has requested that the glasses be put in a box and mailed to my parents house. I'm still chuckling.....

Mom I love you and your missing glasses.