Saturday, May 3, 2008


My mom is an avid reader, I get the bad habit from her. Now at her age, (she is 22 years older than me)she requires reading glasses to support her habit. She is also famous for taking them off and losing them.

So the gist of the story is that my patrents gave thier older couch to my cousin. When my cousins husband lost the remote in the couch they cut it open and found

16 PAIRS of glasses all belonging to my mom!!!!!!!

She took a picture of them and posted a found post on the family web page. I laughed so hard I couldn't move.

My mom has requested that the glasses be put in a box and mailed to my parents house. I'm still chuckling.....

Mom I love you and your missing glasses.


Tina said...

LOL - Man would i hate to see whats hiding in my couch:)

Anonymous said...

I think i had an entire box of toys when we cut our couch open. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!