Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The benifits of not watching TV

I have six kids, these pictures were taken one evening as I was cooking dinner. It grew really quiet so I went looking for my kids expecting trouble. This is what I found, Four of them were in the living room reading, (the ones that can read,) A fifth was downstairs he had fallen asleep looking at a really cool nature book. (He is 4 and can't read yet, but it doesnt stop him, I didnt get a pic of him, didnt think about it I guess...) That night I went into my 1 year olds room to check on him before I started my bedtime routine and I found him with a book in his hands too. I have a family of readers.

First before you think I am preaching, let me explain. About 5 years ago I was cooking dinner as my kids sat in front of the TV watching whatever sitcom was on. I was listening because at that time there were TV shows I liked and watched. As the show came to a close I was deeply offended by the insinuations that were said on a show that up until then I had approved for my kids to watch. I wiped my hands off, came into the livingroom and unplugged the TV, I didn't just turn it off. I had, had enough. Did my kids protest? Yes. Did they whine? You bet. Did my husband whine? Well no, but he questioned my decision at first. Now we happily live TV free and I think we spend our free time constructively.


Anonymous said...

that picture of the three on the couch is just great! I really think that TV, for the most part, rots your brain, so you have my hearty congratulations for getting rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I get the weirdest looks when I say I don't watch TV. (or movies for that matter) Like I've sprouted horns or something. People will come up to me and say, Hey... did you see that episode... or that comercial? and I just shake my head.

One sunday a few years ago we had friends over for dinner, my sons and her husband played chess, my dh read a book, I talked with my friend and the younger kids played. it was so nice, so quiet no blaring TV to disrupt us.

I really like the silence, and my kids read and entertain themselves instead of whining to watch another show or video. Now on Sunday evenings we go for walks and things like that.

Sondra said...

I would very much love to ditch our tv. Good for you for just doing it! You know you're kids will generally love what you love, so it's easy to see why they're all readers. You're an inspiration. Keep it up.

jefferies said...

I didn't know that you guys are tv free! We have done experiments without tv throughout this last year. Good results. Our tv is now out of the way (no longer in the main gathering area) and only for special occastions. It is liberating!