Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How I will spend my summer...

This is the stack of books under my really cool bed table I bought at the DI for 15 bucks. That isn't the story tho'. These books are my reading list for this summer. Why? you ask. Because I am teaching a writing class this next school year at the local Jr High. I helped teach the same class in Tooele last year; and I have in my posession some really cool lessons that my friends wrote. This summer I am re-writing the lessons to fit my style, and using books that are young adult and
I am familiar with. Therefore the stack. The only books that are missing are #4 from the Wizzard Series by Diane Duane, #2 The Widow's Revenge, By KL Fogg, The Twilight Series, that my daughter owns by Stephenie Meyer (Breaking Dawn comes out in August), and I guess the new Artemis Fowl. It may look like alot but I read fairly fast, I will probably be done reading by the end of June. Leaving July and Aug. to write and polish the lessons.

I just had an idea, my writer friend is bloging on the writing process from start to finish. I'll post the lessons I am preparing as I finish them. It'll be fun, dont hold your breath though, I won't post anything until probably July.

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