Friday, May 9, 2008

sisters in arms...

Although writing is a solitary activity, and writers spend a lot of time alone. (not counting the hundred or so characters in our heads) There is one very important thing that a writer needs besides paper and pen or computer and printer. It is writer friends. These writer friends are people who we can send our manuscripts to, share our frustrations with, and celebrate our successes and failures (celebrate failures… don’t you mean cry over rejections?) We bounce ideas off them when we are plotting (ouch that sounds like it hurts) and go to them when we have hit the proverbial writers block (block? More like a 15 foot tall brick wall).
The reason for this post is I have been blessed with some very good writer friends, those members of SCRaWL, my writing group from Tooele, and my best friend who is also a writer Paulette. A few days ago, (few days…I think it was yesterday) we talked on the phone, she wanted a certain kiss to stay in the scene, but the events prior to the kiss had changed so at that moment there was no reason for it except it is so cute and sweet. We talked about it and suddenly I had an idea… “What if…” I said and she thought about it and it worked. Then this morning I had some revisions on the plot for book two and I told her and together we worked on it and made the plot more solid and even better. (except for the part about leaving Noble dead in the snow…) We were both PSYCHED! This is what is so cool about having writer friends.
SO…… To the members of SCRaWL consider yourselves awarded.
And to Paulette, you deserve more than just an award but it is all I have at the moment. 
Thanks guys! From Michelle (and Noble)


Ronda Hinrichsen said...

You're so right! All of us are much better when we have others helping us along.

Anne Bradshaw said...

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