Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No your eyes arent playing tricks on you...

I changed my template, I was bored of the pink although don't be surprised if it is back tomorrow. It is my and Nobles favorite color. Yeah I know a guy who likes pink, go figure. Hey, this is the guy that lives in my shower too. I saw this lovely color on a friends blog and had to try it. (thanks Tristi) I like blue it is the color of the Prophet robes that Noble wears.

Janette Rallingson has a post on her blog about theme songs. I have thought about it for a day or so and I have decided that my theme song would be "Dream Big". I don't know the artist but as I prepare to send my MS to a publisher the song keeps rolling in my head.

I am Dreaming Big right now. Perhaps I'll fall flat on my face but it will be a good thing right?

Wendy, I get dibs on the "Vision" title, (already have a character in my head).


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Laurel said...

Hey mom, I have a question for you. I can't get on email in school, so I am asking you through your blog. I need to know how something works. Give me an idea of how something works... PLEASE?????!!!!!I need an oblect...
love you!