Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why vampires.....

As a writer I read ALOT of editor, agent, and publishers blogs. I think they are not only interesting, but necessary. Today as I made my daily rounds I read a comment where one of the aforementioned people said they will not accept any more vampire books. She said she didn't see how they could be different enough to catch her attention. This isnt the first person who I have heard say this either.

Yet I am 73 pages and, 20,000 word into a vampire story.

You might say why bother? But I believe that this is that one story, that plot diferent enough to be the one that catches their attention.

I was sitting in the mothers room, at church of all places, having just finished a popular teen vampire romance. I myself was tired of the undead, never channging, woe is me vampire. So I started to play the "what if" game. What if vampires were... What if... What if... And soon enough this world of vampires exploded in my head and I was writing notes on any scrap of paper in my diaper bag I could find. (note to writers keep a pad of paper and a pen in your reach at all times.) lesson learned.

The working title of my story is Intercession, it is about a vampire named Dacias who intercedes between the human world and the vampire world to keep the vampires secret. I just re-read my 73 pages on monday in preperation for working on it for the April book in a month challenge hosted by Tristi Pinkston. I am pleased to say that I am in just as much love with Dacias and the story as I was when I started it at the BIAM challenge last year. I am looking forward to getting this book fleshed out, I have about 50-60,000 more words to write but have a firm grip on the plot and what needs to happen.

So look out world, this might be the one that is different enough to be considered in the midst of what I percieve as a massive vampire story glut.

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