Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Panic and frustration...

I had to drive to Price to see a dermatologist today. It is a thirty mile and minute drive. On the way there i didnt have much time for thinking I was pushing it time-wise and didn't know exactly where I was going. The way home I was more relaxed and had time to talk with my MC of my series about plot and revising. That is untill it started to snow. About 15 min. into the drive home it started to accumulate on the roads and I turned from a planning ploting writer into a scared baby. Every time the road conditions turn bad, I begin to have panic attacks. I know it stems from the accident on Valentines day, but I dont know what to do about it. If I feel the car start to lose controll I lose my cool.

On thte frustration part. i wrote almost 2,000 words the day before, iu was so Psyched i brought in a "Wicked cool" bad guy and wrote a chapter in his POV I was so excited and ready to tackle my book. Yesterday I went back to where I had stopped writing to add the bad guy chapter and started again. But I realized that my plot needs some major help and I must either scrap it all togather or rewrite not just revise. So I spent very little time writing yesterday and alot of time thinking. I'm sure my hormones and lack of chocolate didnt help either.

So if it would stop snowing , I mean it IS April, and i could figure out my plot I'd be just dandy right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,

You could always move to Oregon,
we don't get much snow here RAIN but not much snow!!

Weston Elliott said...

AMEN to the stop snowing part!