Monday, March 31, 2008

AHHHHHHHH Peanut butter......

Friday night my Dh and I wnt to a little cafe for a date. The service was awful and the food mediocre, but I enjoyed part of it, I was able to order a Butterfinger shake and eat it. You see I'm no longer nursing and I am not pregnant. The two reasons I can't eat peanut butter. I took advantage of the fack that I was not with my little one to wean him cold turkey. Some of you may think that it is mean but this baby didn't just nurse for 5 minutes and take off like my 7 year old did. No he had to nurse for 20 minutes, and then come back 15 min later to nurse again for another 20 min. Or if he was frustratred or hurt or sad...... Needless to say I was nursing him ALL day and at least two times a night. Another problem with this baby was he refused to allow me to do anything while nursing, if I typed he'd hit the keyboard with his foot, read, he'd knock the book to the ground, use my mouse, he'd pop off and demand my attention. I have, for the last year, accomplished nothing.

Dont get me wrong I love nursing, I am a breastfeeding advocate and peer councelor, but after a year of getting nothing done all day I was getting frustrated, I develop what is called Nursing agitation at about 17-20 months of nursing. I strugle with it for months as the food allergy self argues with the nurturer, and the breastfeeding advocate, and the peer counselor and the homemaker and the mother of my child. Finally we all come to an agreement that this is better for everyone.

I'm happy to be able to do some things I have needed to do for a long time. Afterall I nursed him for 20 months, that is almost 2 years!!!!!

I have nursed 6 children for over 5 years. I think I have done well.

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Marilyn said...

You go girl!!! That's a lot of nursing. And yes, I completely agree that you really can't get anything done while you are nursing. I'm so proud of you!!! You are my Breastfeeding-Mother Idol.