Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I feel bad for my printer.

I really do. If printers had feelings I'm sure they'd want to go to a nice home where they are used for fun things like research reports and the occsional sign up form for school or church. All they would have to do is lay around and really do very few things and be apreciated greatly. Printers are very usefull, they'd think, and my family loves me.

Not so with my printers, if they aren't getting little grimy fingers thrust in thier insides, I abuse them and then throw them away. Take yesterday for example. It was the first day my new printer and my new lap top got to meet and how do I celebrate? Well first I printed 9 copies of 6 writing examples of 3 pages each. 9X6X3=162 pages. Then 2 pages 2 times for a class I'm taking on saturday. I printed some buisnes cards and then I got down and dirty. I printed my whole MS all 388 pages and then a 72 pg MS that I am working on, not to mention another min of 15 random pages of book notes. All in one day. :)

So to my current printer and those of my past and future I apollogise, your life is hard, but I'm thankful. Perhaps one day, one of you will print off that ONE MS that makes me famous.

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