Sunday, March 16, 2008

New screen, will edit.....

So yesterday my hubby installed my new LED for my laptop. (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!) I am proud to say that it is working and I am again on my lap top instead of my desk top. The problem with my desktop is that it's OS is Windows 98 se. It is SO SLOW and to use anything such as a USB storage unit you have to go on the slow internet and download the drivers. My new printer won't even load so I havn't been able to print anything for boot camp for the conference until tomorrow. I will be printing like crazy for a few days. After I have the materials for BC I will resume my interrupted work, my last edit on my book Dominion Day. I have revised the thing more than 6 times. After this I think I will be beating a dead horse. So as much as I promise to blog, my book has my attention as I try to polish it for submission. Wish me luck ehe?

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