Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My DD will kill me but i had to share.

I found this poem on the desk top I love it! I am so proud of her she is such an awesome writer.

The Rain Dance By laurel Jefferies

The clear droplets pour down around me
Steam rises as it hits the ground
A smell so profound
It washes the world clean
The cool rain falls around me
Wetting me to the core
I look up and move my arms
I spin then dip close to the ground
Water gathers around my feet
I leap and it splashes my face
The water falls back around me


Shanna Blythe said...

Laurel ROCKS!! Tell her hi for me!

Laurel said...
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Michelle said...

I will...isn't she awesome?

If only I was as great of a writer at her age... One diference was there were very few computers when I was in school and I never really learned to type. (boy does that date me... my dad had a TRS 80) No one could read my writing b/c I am lefthanded.

I am a much better typer now even if I don't use the right fingers. :)

See you next week Michelle

~paulette said...

wow.... that was totally cool. Lolo, you should so write more. It's beautiful little sis!

Laurel said...

Mom! How could you! Just kidding I love you. :)

Thank you Paulette and Shanna. I wasn't done with it though. I just wanted to try my hand at some poetry. It was raining the day I wrote it, and I ALWAYS get awesome inspiration when it rains. In fact I am at my best when it rains. :)


Candace E. Salima said...

Beautiful poem, great imagery.