Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have Dropped the Ball

Totally and completely. I apologise to my readers I was on such a roll when I had that rollover accident. Since then there have been DR appointments phone calls with the insurance agency and car shopping. But that isn't all... I had started my intense read everything out loud final edit of my first book and things were going well. MY Dh came home Friday night and asked me for a phone #, he tossed me the phone and the phone bounced out of my hands and shattered the LED screen on my not even two month old lap top. I am so lost without my lap top and working on this desktop is really dificult. I know I am spoiled. I recieved the new LED today but DH is out of town untill friday. :( So until then I apologise, (I have a list of ideas to blog about).

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