Monday, March 24, 2008

LDStorymakers conference

Well I didn't win any contest, but I had a good time. I did get some real good critiques on my entries. It will definatly help me in my work. I also found out through my mistake that I'm still in consideration for the compilation book I submitted to earlier. I can be such a dork sometimes. Just chalk it up to inexperience I guess.

At the conference I attended a session called boot camp where I read and recieved crit's for my work. I read one and recieved some good input and compliments from an author that is extremely thorough and picky. I was elated, they liked my work. They laughed at the segment which I intended to be funny. I'm so excited, I have worked on my MS SOOOOOOO HARD!!!!!!

I also got to spend time with my best friend. This was a good weekend. :)

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