Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Worlds within worlds

I'm a huge fan of Parallel novels. I love reading a series of books that are all interrelated by worlds or characters or both. Probably why I also love writing novels that are interconnected.

I had this really cool idea, (still is cool) that involved a planet and some deadly storms. As I pondered this story I realized that this planet was the same as the one in "The Guardian War" stories. Only this story happened a long time before TGW. It felt right as I contemplated the universe at that point in time.

I also have an Urban Fantasy world and the latest story idea I had fits all nice and snug in that realm. As my story develops I am discovering all sorts of paranormal nasties to have fun with.

Some might think that parallel novels is cheating. Not having to build another world and not creating new characters. I totally agree, I am cheating, but I love the worlds I have created, why not take advantage of that? Why not use that rich and developed world where the reader gets to experience more because you're familiar with it?

What's your opinion? Do you like parellel works? What are your favorites?


Angie said...

Yes. I love them! All of OSC's Ender novels is probably my fave. I don't really think it's cheating at all. I say go for it!

Pendragon said...

it's only cheating if you don't make your own worlds LOL :) i'm all about recycling. GO GREEN!

M Pax said...

It's another form of series. Nothing wrong with that. If you're having fun coming up with new stories, that's all that counts.