Sunday, February 10, 2008


has a way of sneaking up on you. This Thursday I am going to Life the Universe and Everything a scifi/fantasy writers conference at BYU. I am totally excited but panicked, I have so much to do before Thursday morning. I have to get my house cleaned, laundry caught up, kids ready for me to be gone, pack, and get my car cleaned up so I can trade with my hubby. So what am I doing on the computer???? I am resting, it is Sunday and tomorrow, Tues., and Wed. will be hectic. So... if I don't see any of you before then Adieu until next Sunday.


Andy Lemmon said...

Hi Michelle!

Paulette mentioned that you've been a sunbeam teacher before, and you have a kid in sunbeams as well. I've just been called into the sunbeams, and I'm having a hard time keeping control of the situation, as I mention in my blog.

Since you don't have your email posted, I'm commenting to ask - what tips do you have to keep kids from bouncing off the walls?

Hope you have fun at LTUE. I enjoyed it whenever I went.


Noble M Standing said...

Lots of games, and stories, and activities. If your discussing how to be revrent play a revrent game. do more with the coloring than just a paper have them cut and glue with a glue stick (less mess.) sing alot of songs and do finger plays. it will work. :) i know your probably feeling overwhelmed but you'll mopst likely love the kids and feel bed at tha end of the year when they move to a diferent class. (i did) feel free to leave a post on my blog anytime. :)


Andy Lemmon said...

thanks for the suggestions!

Shanna Blythe said...

Awww . . . I'm jealous that you are going. Sigh . . . I don't get to go at ALL.