Saturday, January 26, 2008

An accidental or reluctant romance author????

So today, I was talking to my best friend on the phone. Last week I mentioned to her that an idea for a romance was brewing in the back of my head. She laughed and mentioned that some people she had talked about my book with, had wondered why I don't write romance. I laughed and told her that I am a Sci-fi/fantasy writer. NOT a romance writer. Today the subject came up again, I laughed about it. I dont write romance I told her. You do she insisted, every writing exercise we have done, every alternate storyline...all these ideas deal with the "affairs of the heart" You are a romance writer, your romances just occur in the future with awesome action. I of course, was still denying it, but I have thought about it since then. Perhaps I write future romance intead of soft S-F. I dont know. I'll give it more thought as I wait for my lap top to arrive.

Meanwhile, I have asked a male sci-fi reader to look at my MS and he has come back with tons of suggestions. Some of it I will ignore (Dodge Prowlers are deep purple, see above pic.). Some of it I am paying attention to and Dominion Day 1 is back in queue for a rewrite. I mind of course, especially when I felt like it was almost ready, but I promised myself and Noble that I would give dominion day the best I could and so I am mulling it over in my head again.


Rebecca Talley said...

Very creative. I actually thought Noble was a real person.

Your novel (is it a series?) sounds very interesting. I hope the publisher buys it! Good luck.

And, good luck in the first chapter contest--looks like you've got quite a few entered!

Muta said...

I'm somewhat offended that you don't bother to say thank you Mike/Muta you have helped a lot and I know how hard you have worked on my book. Or anything like that. you just post that is a male scifi reader. and then go to say that prowlers are purple. As if to try and rub it in my face and that I'm wrong or something. I know prowelrs are purple. I only said that it makes Noble sound gay. and if you do a search on dodge prowler/Plymoth prowler and you'll see that they come in many other colors.

Maybe I was wrong and you don't appreciate my help on your book as much as I thought you did.

Try giving credit where credit is due. A lot of people have written for you on your book and given suggestions. why not give them a kudos when they do.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I don't write romance either, per se, but I've learned that romance is a part of life, and so in order to convey a story of life, there has to be some romance in there. It just doesn't have to drive the story.

~paulette said...

well, i didn't exactly mean that "Dominion Day" was a romance series. (tehehhe) just that "Romance" seems to be where your heart is when you aren't being "required" to write for a specific story, if that makes sense. :) In our writing excersises, you're just always so concerned about a character's love-state: if they're hurt, if they've been betrayed, love at first-sight, love with the "forbidden" guy, or the bad guy... or the hero... teenage "crushes", and what type of lives they'll end up having. And every single one of your characters (all 3 million of them) may not have a job, or a future, but guarenteed they'll each have a unique and solid love-story. (in all of it's detailed varieties). ect, ect. It just struck me as someone who thinks in the "romance" gendre, don't you think? :) perhaps you should give it a try. You might be pleasently surprised.

Who knows, right?
No harm done if it doesn't pan out anyways :) And hey, there's nothing wrong with a little sci-fi romance :P I'd be more likely to read it that way, then strickly romance anyways

Michelle said...

Rebecca, sometimes Noble thinks he is real himself. Thank you. Yes it is a series of seven books following the Standing family through the life of Noble and his children.

Tristi, I like to have some romance but the idea has made me think.