Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thoughts on writing...(Eclipse)

I took my teenage daughter to wally world and two small LDS book stores in search of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. None of them had it. (We live in a SMALL town.) The first little store said that they had turned thier order in late and it would be in tomorrow. He shook his head and asked what the appeal was. My daughter told him how much she and her friends loved it. He said that if he had them yesterday he would have sold a case by now. He also mentioned that he needed to carry the other two books. They were obviously popular.

The other store owner mentioned that he had had eight requests for it today. and didnt even know about it. My daughter gave the same speal that she had given the other owner. Then he asked what was so diferent about the series compared to Leven Thumps. I thought about it for a second and then told him that the main reason to me was that Twilight was more interesting. But more specifically the fact that it seems that Obert Sky forced the middle of the book and that made it hard to read. Obert isnt a bad writer, in fact his first few chapters made me want to throw away my own manuscripts. But it seems he got bored and/or rushed to finish the book. Why didnt he polish the rest of the book like he did the first chapters?

It has made me think since I got home. What makes a good book? What appeals to one reader over another? And even more puzzling, why didnt two LDS book store owners know enough about the Twilight madness to stock the book when the author is LDS and the other two books spent more than 50 weeks on the bestseller lists.

Just thinking....


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