Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here we go....

Okay, Spellcheck is done. Grammar check is done. Line edit is applied. Chapter 15, 26,27,28 are revised. I'm putting it away until after my readers have read it, then it is on to submission. Breathe deeply. think distraction. think new book AARRGGHHH!! Dominion Day is one step closer to submitting.


~paulette said...

did you ever dream, the first day you sat down with that pen and paper and wrote the first word to DD1 all those years ago, that you'd actually be preparing it to submit??? Was it ever even a thought on your mind? Congrats sis... i'm excited for you!


Michelle said...

Honestly, no I imagined it in book form but I wrote because my friend in HS wrote and it looked like fun. Although as I wrote that first 198pg longhand book, Noble took root in my brain. It is his fault.

I actually bought bright white paper and envelopes. I think I have gone insane.