Thursday, August 2, 2007

My trip...

MY DD and I along with my infant son flew in a plane to Phoenix Arizona. Our purpose was to see a natruopath for various ailments. The plane ride there was calm and uneventfull. Noble, my baby, was well mannered and slept most of the time. We got a tour of Phoenix and Glendale to my daughters delight. Glendale is the home of Stephenie Meyers the author of Twilight and New Moon and soon to be released Eclipse. She used all of my NEW batteries taking pictures of the area. When I down load them I'll post a few palm trees.

The real reason of our visit was to get me some help, after 6 pregnancies 3 miscarriages and an unwanted c-section I was feeling a little hormonally imbalanced and dealing with some baby blues. The doctor tested me and perscribed some suplements and within 40 minuets of the first dose I was allready feeling better. Like some one had lifted the fog that I had been looking through for a while.

The weather was agreeable it was nowhere near 122 like it had been the week before. Infact it rained on Saturday evening, causing us to leave the pool early at the doc's home. The following day it was only 105. I feel like it was my HF telling me I was in the right place doing the right thing. I want to publically thank my best friend for helping find out what was wrong with me, offering a solution, and arranging for help. And to her, and her husband for a wonderfull weekend in the land of the sun.

The flight home was another story. Noble wasnt feeling well and was grumpy. We survived it and I dont think everyone on the plane hated me by the end of the flight. I am happy to be feeling better, and my kids I am sure, are enjoying a non weepy mom.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry mom didn't mean to run out the batteries! I love you! I took lots of pitures for memories! tee hee
poptart =)