Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday thoughts...

A few weeks ago my brother, his wife, two sons, and a tiny newborn daughter flew from Lawrence Kansas to Sandy Utah to visit family. While they were here, they decided to bless the baby in my parents ward. So we gathered together in my parents church and they blessed the baby. It was an awesome blessing; that little girl is going to be special BTW. But what made me think was what happened after. My 4 yo son was sittng with grandma at the opposite end of the bench. In between the talks the primary children got up and sang the "Primary children sang as they walked" song. My 4 yo son and his cousin both stood up on the stand and grinned through out the song. Had they heard the song before? Probably. Did it matter if they stood up there and grinned. Nope. Was it cute? Yes. And the most confirming of all.... Is the church the same everywhere? Yes.


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