Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My MC lives in my shower. No kidding. I have an adult male taking up residence in my one and only bathroom. I get in the shower and come out at the end with a huge idea, revelation, or character development. This morning was no diferent; I know how to end book #7 now. My best friend thought I was crazy. She would tease me relentlessly. If I said I took a shower, she'd ask what Noble and I talked about. Regardless of the teasing, I appreciate the few minuets alone to think about my books.

The teasing changed one day. My friend was visiting my home and used my bathroom. She came out looking pale and confused.
"What" I asked.
"I belive you." she said.
"Belive me?" I asked thoroughly confused.
"Noble lives in your shower," she said.
I laughed, "You belive me now?"
"Yeah and my MC was sitting on the back of the toilet talking to him."

We had a good laugh that day. But I have learned something; don't take things for granted. Like inspiration, even if it is from a guy in your shower.



Anonymous said...

major blush... chelle
i choose to reamain anonymous (not that that does any REAL good) but the story's true. Freaky... but true... and all i wanted to do is use the bathroom! Was that too much to ask?

Michelle said...

At least somebody believes me. I truely have NO privacy.....

darvian said...

we should probably do something about that infestation in your shower

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

You must be a pretty trusting soul to believe anything you hear from someone in your shower. LOL! But kidding aside, you're absolutely right. No matter where inspiration comes from--or when--we need to grasp it immediately, or at least take notes.

~paulette said...

just promise to throw on a towl before you go running out to write it down... k? :P


C. L. Beck said...

Wow, does he have any friends in there with him? I could use a new MC, but I don't want to have to use your shower to meet him!;)

Michelle said...

Darvian, I tried to get him to move to the office but he prefers it in there.

Ronda, some of my best ideas come from my shower. but yeah I mean who is this guy and how do I know I can trust him....

Paulette, What? you dont like the idea of me streaking through my house? Come on, I can pull an Oleiah once and a while...LOL

CL Beck, how about Joshua, he is about 5'11" dark hair, hazel eyes and is a bad boy under all the good looks. But he pretends to be good to meet the girls. He just stepped out and asked where he could find you. LOL