Thursday, August 9, 2007


So... Editing, the dreaded writing word. The be all and end all of writing before the query and publishing phaze of being an author.

I am thinking about it alot. Especially since I have just given a hard copy, all 319 pages of my "baby", to a friend and reader that is going to be doing a line edit of my book.

But as a writer in a home of eight where my lap top is within reach of the entire family inspite of the threats. It is not the line edits or plot comments that I worry about. It is the comments from my family that they leave when I have my back turned that get my current attention.

I came home from a church function last year to find that my husband wanted to "help" me with my story line. He took my main character in DD2's wife and "Killed" her. He had her fall off a cliff in a gunfight and get eaten by coyotes. My daughter highlighted all of the times Noble says "absolutely," in pink. Which is joked about as being Noble's favorite color. When I was done with the rewrite I exitedly printed off three copies for my readers. I had one reader call and laughing asked if the "I love you Michelle" comment in the middle of a dialogue was going to stay in the final text. My DH had again "Edited," my work. As I described earlier, just started to write book # 7. My daughter hates where it is going. I came in my writing room to find that she had, in the spirit of MY DH, killed off a main character she didnt like.

Infact... I think the 319 pg hard copy I just sent to the "Editor" still has the I love you Michelle comment in it. I hope she laughs too.



Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

AAAA! You're' much too nice. While I wouldn't mind if they read my ms or even gave me feed back, I'd go bullistic if they wrote in it! I work too hard and too long and too specifically to have to go back and fix their mistakes/suggestions, etc., too.

On the upside, however, at least they seem to show some interest in your book. Maybe all this--is it joking?--means they are actually supporting you. A VERY good thing.

~paulette said...

that's gotta be hard to find if they leave it in the middle of a mostly done ms! can you imagine what would happen if you sent it to a publisher without knowing there was "something" added in the night before?? EEEEK!


Shanna Blythe said...

lol. I can't believe they do that to you!

Michelle said...

They do it and they enjoy it. My DD is a reader and she is my first line of defense when something doesnt make sense. I have her highlight it in red so i see it. However i got in there and found all the pink Absolutely's and had to laugh. At least the word wasn't on every page.