Monday, August 6, 2007

Shoping preferences.

I was talking to my SIL last night. She doesnt shop at the big major super store and prefers little localy owned stores. I personally agree with her. I have a friend who's husband was seriously used by the local big store. I dont like thier employee policys. However it is the only major store in the valley. The next closest stores are at least 30 minutes away. I have to buy things there. With six kids and a Surburban I cant go into the next valley for a package of underwear.

That being said, I have found that my local DI is a great place to shop. I have found some awesome deals there. Home decorations and kitchen items galore. Books, dont get me started on the books. I should stay out of that section all together. I have gotten a living room table, curtains, a candle holder, a few centerpieces amongst other things. (My living room looks better all the time.) There are the local yard sales and garage sales too and they are tax free, an added bonus.

So I prefer to shop tax free at the DI or yard sales. But sometimes they just don't have what I need; so I reluctantly go to the big store and shop there too. Maybe if I had more conviction...... or gas was cheaper.... or I didn't have kids to leave at home or take with me.....




ali said...

I have hardly ever shopped at the DI. I should do it more often. I heard the girl who is the "Sensible Shopper" at say that you can buy underwear and socks, brand new in the package, at the DI for much cheaper. They are 'seconds', but perfectly fine for the under use. So I'm going to make DI my first stop next time and see how I make out.

Thanks for the encouragement Michelle!

Michelle said...

Oh yeah I totally forgot! They do have seconds. Another reason not to go to the big box store.... Less taxes to pay....Thanks