Friday, August 3, 2007

Today is Friday...

My writing day... so what am I doing blogging? Well I was checking my email and then my blog. I decided that I had time to work on my blog. I added the updates of my own books, and changed some elements. I hope you like it.

A little about my works:

Noble my co-author is actually the main character in my Dominion Day series. (and my youngest sons name so you dont get confused) He has been the character in this book wether by a diferent name or looks for 20 years. I wrote the origional first first draft in high school; I was SO proud of the 189 pg hand written story. I origionally had plans for a book and a sequel a ONE BOOK sequel. But partway through the first book my MC got religion... then it became a five book series and then I added one more #6 the last one because the story wouldn't leave me alone. (Geez who let these people into my head anyways.) last March I restructured #2-4 and added one more book so now it is seven books.

I hope to keep you at least updated on the progress of my books. Without spoiling them for those that are anxiously awaiting the releasal of them in published form. (chuckle) I am sure my progress will increase now that I am feeling better and I have the most TOTALLY ROCKING WRITING GROUP EVER. (love you guys.... really.) Well that is a little about me; now to the real reason I have vowed never to work on Fridays I am going to write.


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