Sunday, May 17, 2009

The waiting game

So you all know about the requested manuscript, and the three chapter review, right?
Well these last few weeks have been insane. I sent emails to two readers and my editor to ask if they could um. . . Hurry? I recieved the two readers comments back for the MS, and have reworked the MS acording to thier suggestions. I re-wrote the first three chapters of the romance I was working on taking it from first person to third my preferred person. Then posted it on my crit board.

So now I wait, the edit should be here any day, it is finished and in the process of being snail mailed. And I am waiting for the crit board to get back to me on the romance. So I wait, and play with a YA paranormal that I had an idea for. And I wait, and I deep clean my kitchen, and I wait and I update my facebook status and I wait. . . . . Sigh. (this post is in no way meant to pressure those I am waiting on. . . )


Pink Ink said...

Sounds like you have things in their proper order. When the time comes, everything will fall into place!

Good luck Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thanks Jewel,

I just rewrote my synopsis and query letter. Tomorrow, I am revamping my website.