Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Priorities. . .

I have had my eyes opened, so to speak. I have been spending so much time on the internet just surfing that I am not writing. Yet to efficently market your book and make yourself appealing to publishers you should be well connected. This is quite a quandry, and in the wake of it, I have decided to do a few things. One, I will not leave my blog, (the last time I closed it I lost TONS of readers). Two, I will still remain on Facebook and Twitter. Just not as much. Third I will still read the blogs and hit the sites I deem important but again not as much.

Why? You ask? Because I am a writer. I need time to write, or edit, or market. I have dropped the ball and my other MS's are just sitting there. I am also planning on making it a priority to post here Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's. You'll still hear from me I promise. I'd like to have a theme on the days but I am afraid that if I pidgeon hole myself I will dry out the Muse. So we'll see. But rest asured I will talk more about why I write and what I am doing with my current works. I also have a STACK of books I need to review and I think I'll do those on Fridays.

So, look for me but assume if i'm not here I am writing. :)

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