Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten Things I Need. . .

To write.
Yeah, I got this idea from my friend Karen, and I am copying her. (she said I could)

So in true top ten style I will start with #10

10) Music. I don't always need it but on certain days I do. My first choice is my playlist HERE. second my plethra of CD's and even GASP cassette tapes. I do have some interesting things on my playlist so don't immediately write it off if you get something by Shirou Sagisu.

9)Dove Chocolates. MMMM the caramel ones are the best.

8)Spiral notebooks. I love the pastel ones with email icons on them. :),{}, <3, ;). I carry at least one in my bag at all times sometimes three.

7)Places to store paper. Filing cabinets, book shelves, acordian files, need I say more?

6)Writing books. Dictionaly, thesarus, Strunk and White Elements of Style, Grammar books etc. etc. etc.

5)Printer. I kill my printers, they fear me when I am near. My BFF says they have coronary events and die.I prefer HP but will take just about anything. I also have to have ink cartrridges and ink refills too.

4)Reams of paper. Ask me what I got for christmas, comeon, its not hard to figure out. My hubby bought me a case of paper. (I got an SD card last year for Mother's day.)

3)Pens, I was converted to the RSVP pen by my best friend years ago. I love them and have a couple of unopened packages just incase.

2)My new Alphasmart Dana LOVE IT!!!!! Amazing tool great option for those who cant afford a laptop.

1)My laptop. I love it too. the poor thing is used and abused. But when it comes to hardcore writing or editing I prefer a computer.


Rukia said...

well, when you order your printer to do an 'on the spot' print of 400 pages before you leave the house, TWICE OVER, OF COURSE it's gonna have a heart attack and die!

what do you think it's made for... printing?? :) :) :) tehehhehe

Noble M Standing said...

Well yeah, I expect it to cough out somewhere between 200-400 pages in one sitting how else am I going to get me MS to my readers? LOL, how many printers is this since I've known you? Four? At least.