Friday, May 22, 2009

How I Became a Writer. Part 2

Okay, so while all of my writer ideas were collecting dust on a shelf in my brain. (no I don't dust, too many allergies) I was telling my children stories and thinking I should dabble in the realm of childrens books. I wrote a few but they would be shelved as soon as they were finished.

One morning I was watching an early morning news show. They were interviewing an author and the author said that if you want to be a writer every sentence must be completely new and have never been read before. Talk about a load of mind blowing discouragement. It was those words that rattled in my brain everytime I had an idea come up or the desire to write. I basically talked myself out of ever writing again.

I was busy with a family and volunteering work so the writing bug was sated for a while. (This is the part where Harry Potter comes in) We moved from Provo to Tooele and I was left w/o any volunteer work to do, and no friends. I found the library and dove into the world of reading to pass my time. I hit a point that there were no more books that were appealing to me and I had just finished Harry Potter #5 and was waiting on pins and needles for #6 to come out.

There were no books in the house or Library that I hadn't read. (that I wanted to read, I didn't read the whole library) So I pulled out my two old folders and bag of my old writing and began to read them to pass the time. I pulled out a 12 page story called "The Secret of Amalathea" and read it. As I finished the small exerpt that I had written a long time ago the world of Amalathea opened up in my mind and I thought "I can work on this, I can finish the story." So I sat at the old computer and with my limited four finger typing I wrote 101,000 words before I typed "The End". Thus a very ameturish writer was born again.


Rukia said...

and... and.... and....

there's more after that. Now we'll need a part 3! :)

Noble M Standing said...

I'll get to it on Monday. I don't know how long it will take to tell.

Christine Bryant said...

Great Post. Thanks for commenting on my blog, too. I've signed up to be your first follower...YIPPEE! and have put your link among my writing buddies on my blog. Hope that's okay. Have a great weekend.

Rukia said...

first follower? i didn't know that we had finally corrupted you (chelle) into doing our little side-bar fun stuff! bwahahahha

first we got you to add pics to your posts, and now followers? it's only time now before you're swallowed completely by the dark-side.