Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How I Became a Writer.

It actually started in fifth grade when I found a collection of short science fiction stories in ny school library. I checked them out over and over again. I decided, at that time, I wanted to write stories just like that myself. Add to that a really old annime called "Battle of the Planets" and I was sold on the scifi genre.

I was enamored by what I now know as the character based sci fi so much so I created my own scenes with the established characters in my head. When I was in high school I met a freind who had written a 300 page novel. (Loved the book still do.) I decided if she could do it I could too and a writer was born. I started as a sophomore and finished the 189 page handwritten book just a few days before summer break my junior year. The book was based LOOSELY on the anime I loved so much as a kid.

Forward a few years and I began to re-write that book in my extreemely rare free time. I learned many things as I re-wrote it. Still not enough to really write a publishable book but I was begining to really be a writer.

Then I got married and had three kids in seven years. Writing was put on hold as I raised my kids. Add two more kids in that span of fifteen years and needless to say I read a ton of books but did not work on my own writing at all.

Everything changed about five years ago. I blame Harry Potter, but I'll let you decide.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for telling me about Battle of the Planets and including that picture! My first stories also came from that series, though I knew it as G-Force. I have been wanting to rewatch it, but could never find it on Netflix. Now I can watch it again!

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

Batttle of the Planets was the first run of the series. It was toned down because they thought the series was too violent for American children. LOL. G force was a later non edited version. There are videos on netflix and AMV's on utube. I wonder if they are on Hulu or other related sites too.

Either way, I loved the series had a serious crush on Jason (Condor). For my birthday my brother sent me a DVD with 6 episodes of G Force and my kids love them I have created new fans!

I have heard rumors that there is an computer animated movie in the works. Set for release next year. I will be in line for that if it comes out.

Glad to see another fan.