Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells

When I saw this book at the LDStorymakers conference this April I had to get it. I mean I write assassins they're like serial killers right? In fact the discussion about this book while we were in line to purchase the book was the one that got me a MS request. (thanks Dan) I met Dan Wells as we were stading in that line and I got the book signed too. (#17!)

But I am getting off track. That's not what I am writing this blog about. I opened this book and by the third page was deeply drawn in the world of John Cleaver. Once in the book I could only put it down when my eyes refused to stay open any longer.

The book is about a fifteen year old sociopath named John Wayne Cleaver. His mother and aunt run the local mortuary which is a bad thing for a boy who is obsessed with serial killers. the story takes a severe plot hike when a serial killer begins to stalk John's home town.

The book isn't available in the United States yet, but it is in England. You can get it here and here.

The book is amazing for a first novel, completely amazing. Go on, you know you want to get it.


LUCKY said...

I am one of Dan's neighbors and I find this book to be absolutly wonderful so far. I just started reading it a couple of weeks ago but it has become the book I read before I go to bed at night if I don't have a book I need to read for school.

On a side note one of the things that drew me to your blog is I saw what you posted on Dan's Facebook wall and I had to smile because before I joined the LDS church my only ispiration in life was to become a hired hitman or an assissin and so I joined the Marine Corps, but living a life based on the gospel would make being an Assassin rather hard. I can just imagine interviews with the bishop.

I look forward to reading through your blog and seeing what you have to say. Feel free to drop by any of my blogs if you get the chance.

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

Thanks for the comment, I absolutely loved the book and Dan probably thinks I am a stalker by now. LOL

I am a Marine wife. (Semper Fi)He served in the 1990's and spent three months in 29 palms in a troop replacment unit during Desert Storm.

I laughed at your talking to the bishop comment I wonder some times if I might get called in to be talked to when my book comes out. I worry when I write an extreemely good assassin scene that I might be damming myself. LOL

This book is the only one that has such issues in it tho'. The rest of the series is diferent but this book HAD to be written in order for the other books to make sense.

Thanks for stopping by.