Saturday, August 1, 2009

My take on Feng Shui

I just finished reading a book on Feng Shui. As my life is greatly influenced by eastern things I thought I would at least see what it was about. The book itself is interesting; based on star charts, and when your home was manufactured or remodeled. Using the charts to identify areas where you would have good Chi or bad Chi, and what to do to minimize the bad and accentuate the good. Alot of the information in the book makes sense some of it I was raising an eyebrow at.

An example of the things I percieved as odd is: you should never sit stand facing or sleep in certain directions based on the presence of certain elements. Also, these elements change through out the years. Which means that you should move all of your furniture around to avoid this direction. My house faces west and which means this year no one in my house should face east. Sorry with six kids there's going to be at least two or three people facing east every night at dinner time.

However, something I liked about the book is that the dining room, wherever it is in the house is a central point and is a place for celebrating and happiness. The book says that you should eat at home as a family often and protect the area with good ventalation and lots of light. We all know that studies show that eating together reduces the chance of drug use and trouble in children.

At first I was drinking all of the information in and analyzing every corner of my home. Now, after reading the whole book and having time to ponder it, I have come to some interesting conclusions for myself. And for those of us that are Christian building an area in our home where we have brass statues, crystals, and other objects might look or feel idolatrous. Although the author says that symbols of our own culture are equally effective. Ex. a fishhook is a symbol of good luck in New Zealand.

Those that believe in Feng Shui believe that Chi energy is what gives you and your household good or bad luck. That areas in the house control that, and things can be done to change or enhance that Chi.

In some ways I believe that they aren't that far off the mark. The earth and our bodies emit Chi (energy). Our bodies are electric, the nervous system is ran with electrical impulses, the heart can be helped or hindered by electricity. The earth is constantly moving, and changing. Plants grow and die, creating oxygen as they absorb carbon dioxide, plants also feed us and animals as well as harm us and kill. Animals also live thier life cycle and contribute to the food chain. Water is allways moving, the oceans surge, rivers run, rain falls and water evaporates. Wind blows and spreads pollen, cools us, and destoys. Weather can be helpful and harmful. We and the world around us is Chi.

I learned some things, or firmed my own beliefs by reading about it. Some of the things I took from my study are as follows.

The book talks about clutter and dirty areas as bad chi or places where chi becomes stagnant. Aren't we all happier when our homes are clean and free of clutter. Isn't it easier to think and relax in a home that is clean and organized? Stairwells should be well lit, clean, and decorated with artwork. All rooms should be balanced, No room should have an overabundance of any element. A room that has a wood floor and furniture may seem stark or overwhelming. Adding elements such as metal, glass, fabric and plants will break the domination. Likewise a room with minimal furnishings or stark white walls is equally overwhelming. Candles and warm colors like red add warmth. The sound of water promotes tranquility, as does windchimes. Moving the furniture and cleaning under and behind is supposed to stir good chi. It also makes us happy.

Living in our enclosed temperature controlled homes, we remove ourselves from the majesty of the world around us. I believe we should have the elements of the world in our homes to connect us to nature. Plants and flowers, stones and crystals, water fountains, natrual wood objects and candles or other red objects to represent fire bring the majesty of the world around us into our homes and add to the ambiance.

Just for fun, I read that salt lamps are extreemly harmful that they absorb good chi and emit bad. Interesting huh? Also, if you are having a hard time concieving you should sleep with your heads in the direction of the guys nin yen direction. For example, if he is born in 1979 you add 7+9=16, then add 1+6 =7 take seven from 10 10-7=3, your number is three and therefore the head of your bed should be facing southeast. You should also have two elephant statues with thier trunks down and pictures of babies in your room. Pomegranites are also a fertility symbol.

In no way is this post intended to disregard or discount those who believe in Feng Shui. I still find it facinating, and respect the beliefs of those who practice it. This is my interpretation of what I learned.


Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

interesting...I am fascinated by eastern culture too. I love zen and taoism.
regarding feng shui, our realitor up here was telling us about the potential feng shui of each house we looked at. It was funny.

Tristi Pinkston said...

That is really interesting. I know that I'm happier when my house is clean (but it doesn't stay clean, so I don't stay happy). :)

BellBookCandleSupply said...

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