Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If you are a writer . . .

You need to at least try this workbook! When I recieved my preview package of The Complete Novel Plotting Workbook by Weston Elliott I was extreemely pleased. The workbook is extremly comprehensive. The information that accompamnied it (bookmark, brocure and letter) were beautifly designed. I love her logo!

Okay back to why you need to at least try this book. This workbook is something a writer of any level and of any plotting style can use. This is why. The book has diferent sections. Each of the sections are dedicated to specific areas of plotting and writing.

The first section is world building, Although fantasy writers rely the most heavily on world building, every writer can use it. Even if your writing a mystery or western you still need to know where your characters are. This section also includes grid paper for mapping.

The next section is all about characters. There are pages dedicated to the main character,secondary characters and incendental characters. If your writing a book with more than one character you NEED a place to keep track of them even if they live in you head. :)

The third section is Plot and Conflict, this is where the "meat" of the workbook is. There are conflict and resouloution pages, a section on cronology, and a section where every chapter can be laid out. With notes on POV, timeline, setting details, character notes, and plot ploints. This is where you can get as involved or not as you chose. Some writers plot everything out and would use every page to its fullest. Some people would use this section after the first draft is written and use the pages to revise and edit.

I tend to fall in between these two. I go into my story's with a basic knowledge of what I want and where it's going. When the serious first draft is done I fill out the plot pages and then mess with them untill the story is good and then I revise and edit untill I am pleased with it. Here is the area where you can do as litttle or as much you want its perfect for any type of writer. The last few pages are a progress tracking section and a submission record.

This book is put together with locking rings so you can take it apart and put the pages in the order you like. It's half page sized so it can easily fit in a handbag backpack or a alphasmart or laptop bag. It comes in beautiful attractive colors too.

You can get one here.

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