Thursday, August 13, 2009

Randomness . . .

I am sitting here with really nothing to say. I dont have any desire to write but can't stand to let me blog sit there with the same post for weeks. (Sorry Mark) I can say this, I have had near constant headaches since I rolled my truck 2 years ago. I know I did dammage to my neck, heck who wouldn't rolling a truck down a huge hill. I wish my chiropractor was cheaper.

More randomness I watched "Batman Begins" lat night with the family. (We watched "Taken" a few nights before.) I'll admit that I think Liam Neison is a cutie. I really liked the movie but it made me think of a few things.

First I didn't like that he had all the money in the world to do whatever he wanted. it seemed too Deus E Machina to me. He had the armor, the car, the weapons, everything he needed and it was too convienent. Yeah I know the origional story. I know that Bruce Wayne had tons of money and was able to be Batman because of it. Still it just seems too convienent.

I also seem like a huge hypocrite because in my book Antony/Noble is rich, he has Gage his friend and Mat the computer to design technology for him to make things easier. Perhaps it's good that I am thinking this as I am editing that first book. I think part of it is that Bruce walks away with almost no injuries. That first meeting with the scarecrow where he panics and is actually defeated made me smile. I was thinking okay, he is vunerable and can get hurt and has setbacks. THAT is what I think bothered me the most. He was too perfect and impervious. Whereas Antony is not.

I loved the training that Bruce recieves at the monastery. I'd actually like to watch that part a few times to get a feel for it. I did recognize moves that I am leanring in Karate and it makes me feel really good. I am also begining to see why we do certain moves in our training. I now see that as I do a high block here or round kick there I am actually defeding myself. Maybe its because I am a writer I can see the bad guy in my head and it helps me train better.

Either way I am a sucker for martial arts and I enjoyed the begining of the movie the best. I liked that the "society" that Liam was in was there to protect the world even if I didn't like the idea of the mass dectruction of Gotham in the end. I especially liked the discussions about fear and hatred. one of my characters needs that talk. :)

I love it when a movie makes me think and my muse goes into overtime. Even if I have no desire to write. I guess I did have something to write afterall.

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